Why Norton Antivirus is not able to Detect Virus

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Sometimes, Norton antivirus software cannot defend the system from virus and malware like Trojan horses and the system become victim to the virus. The cyber criminals continue to develop  malicious activities and vanishes the protection circle of the system. Norton antivirus can not detect all the virus and malware existing on the web. It is very important to install and update the antivirus software on the system from time to time. In rare cases, Norton antivirus may report false positives like Norton antivirus will label as a malicious activity for a benign program if there is a code detection that matches a string of character in a known virus. If that detected program will be proved safe then you can report the false positive to Symantec.

Norton antivirus stops detecting virus and malware if it is not updated to the latest version or it is not compatible with that system.

What to do If Norton Antivirus Stops Detecting Virus:

If Norton antivirus not detecting virus or unable to detect malicious activities then you need to look for a suitable alternative for your system. You can install Norton Power Eraser which is a free virus detector and removal tool. It can be easily downloaded and run to your system and will remove malware and virus threats from the system. Norton Power Eraser can also be used to scan for threats in case of Symantec products or any other security products. You should bring Norton antivirus up-to-date and after that you should perform a virus scan in the safe mode in order to search for Trojans and other viruses. You should delete or filter the infected files since the virus may spread from the corrupted file to other safe files.

Norton provides a variety of security services and software to protect your system from viruses and malicious activities. Some of the additional Norton security software and services are enlisted below:

1- Norton safe search

2- Norton app lock

3- Norton utilities

4- Norton clean

5- Norton family premier

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