Sbcglobal email is not working with Outlook

What are the fixes if Sbcglobal email is not working with Outlook?

Sbcglobal email is widely used, and most of the users use it by linking it with Outlook account. If Outlook account fails to work when connected to Sbcglobal email, it will become a bothersome situation for the user. There could be various reasons for the issue, which you need to check and fix.

Fixes for Sbcglobal Email is not working with Outlook

If Sbcglobal not working with Outlook, people need to try some fixes, as mentioned below:

Check system antivirus- Sometimes, the issue comes when a third-party software or antivirus is interrupting. You can try to disabling them. It if does not work, need to delete them.

Ensure Sbcglobal account is properly configured- When the account is not properly configured, people may face this issue. To add the Sbcglobal email account to Outlook, people need to complete the account configuration properly.

Use IMAP instead of POP- Issue might get resolved simply by changing the POP settings with IMAP configuration. With IMAP, emails will get synced on all devices.

Remove email profile- People can also try removing the email account from Outlook. Add it after some time to check the working of emails.

Use Outlook in safe mode- It might be possible that some add-ons are causing the issue. So, people can try using the Safe mode of the operating system to access Outlook account.

Try Google DNS- If the problem is encountered due to DNS, people can switch to Google DNS.

Use another email client or webmail- If nothing works, people need to change the email client and check if it is working properly or not.

If the issue of Sbcglobal email is not working with Outlook persists, people can contact the support of Sbcglobal. To get in touch with the executives, people can use the contact details provided on Sbcglobal's official webpage.


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