How long does Spirit Airlines take to Refund Money

Refund Policy:How long does Spirit Airlines take to refund money?

Spirit Airlines are regarded as one of the best when it comes to the amenities and the facilities that are offered to the passengers boarding their flights. There are number of facilities that are given to the passengers who have made reservations with Spirit Airlines. Not only are the fares super affordable but at the same time, the flights are highly comfortable making Spirit the most sought-after carrier song by its contemporaries.

With flight comes cancellations, there are certain instances where the individuals are met with certain unexpected events and thus have to opt for cancellations against their reservations. In case you would like to opt for Spirit Airlines cancellations and refunds or want to know how long does Spirit Airlines take to refund money then you must follow here and you will have details regarding Spirit cancellations and refund policy.

How long does it time to take refund from Spirit Airlines

At Spirit Airlines, the passengers could opt for cancellations online via the official website. The refunds are generated at once however, the passengers need to wait for around 7 working days in case of refunds at Spirit Airlines.

For seeking cancellations, the passengers who have reservations with Spirit Airlines must consider the Spirit airlines refund policy which is listed down under:

  1. For taking refunds at Spirit airlines, the passengers must opt for cancellations within 24 hours from making the reservation. This way they are able to get full refunds at Spirit Airlines.
  2. All the refunds are generated at once, however, the time required for the amount to reflect in the bank account may take around 7 working days. 
  3. At spirit airlines, the passengers need to pay a $90 fee as far as cancellations are concerned. After filing for the cancellation, refunds are generated on the same day.

How to opt or a refund at Spirit Airlines?

  1. The first thing that one needs to do is to visit the official web page of Spirit Airlines. 
  2. Click on the ‘manage my flight’ option and login into your account by entering the details such as your reservation number followed by the last name.
  3. You will get details regarding your reservation that you need to cancel by selecting the ‘Cancel flight’ option. 
  4. Once you have opted for the cancel flight option, you will be redirected to yet another page where you need to process the payment (if applicable). 
  5. Once all the formalities are completed, you will receive detail regarding the same through email or text. 

If you have any complications related to the refunds and cancellations or explore more about how long does Spirit Airlines take to refund money then you could stick to calling the customer care representatives at Spirit Airlines.

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