Google search not working on iPhone

Seeing Google search not working on iPhone issue? Get information to fix it

No wonder, Google is one of the excellent search engines with its quickest results with a time span of a microsecond, people can search for anything and get the result. Moreover, it is quite obvious that when users are in trouble, the first thing a person does is searching a solution on Google but what if Google search not working on iPhone appears instead of search result. It becomes the most devastated scenario and all concern shifts to this Google issue. Well, if users are involved in such a situation and looking out for some help so that they can get rid of this Google issue.

Why are you seeing Google search not working on iPhone issue?

  • There are numerous reasons due to which people have to face this Google not working on iPhone issue but if they are facing it, then, they should apply the given steps mentioned below:
  • The first thing people need to check is Google app whether the app is updated or not.
  • If they find an update is there, then, they should update it by simply going to AppStore.
  • Also, they need to check that iPhone is connected with an active internet connection or mobile data is on.
  • If it is not connected, connect it immediately.
  • Besides, people can quite the Google app completely by pressing the home button two times and then swipe up the Google app to exit the app.
  • Moreover, people can restart your iPhone by pressing the lock button.

After that, people need to start Google app on their iPhone and check its working whether the issue is resolved or not. Apart from this, if Google not working on iPhone still persists, should not avoid the issue anymore and immediately contact the customer service team of Google to get assistance from experts.

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