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Google play is operated by Google primarily for serving Android users to browse and download applications. It serves as a unique platform for the digital media store, television programs, movies, magazines and many more. You can use these applications by downloading it directly to an Android device straight away from Play store. Released on March 6, 2012 Google Play is presently having more than 2.7 million apps published in 2017. Some of the Google play customer service functioning under Google Play are Google Play Books, Google Play music, Google Play Movies &TV and many more. On August 2008 Android Market was declared by Google and made into user on October 22. Over the past five years Google also recently released lists of best-selling apps, movies, music, books and many more.

Apart from it Google Play comes with several other benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. FREE FROM MALWARE/VIRUS: You can easily download an application using Google play without taking pain about getting malware or any other virus.
  2. LIMIT PURCHASES BY PASSWORDS: Other than that it also allows you to restrict purchases by passwords in case if you are having small children around your house. To add on, this feature also comes with securing your Google wallet.
  3. ORDER DISPLAY: keeping track of your buying history is now easy with the feature of Gear icon. You can make a note of on your purchases, review them and the amount spent on them.

· DEVICE CONTROL: with the help of Android device manager you can control, lock, and delete all the data from your device. All you need to do is tap to the Gear icon to make use of this application.

· ADULT CONTENT FILTER: adult humor, violence and gambling all these are a part of maturity level of the user. In case of safeguarding your children from these contents you can easily restrict them from your Google Play setting.

But all the above blessings could not be only availed if your Goggle Play store is up to date. Google Play store could be updated either automatically or manually. If you are still not able to learn how to get your Google play store updated then following points might come handy to you is suggested by Google Play customer service :

  1. · Unlock your phone and search for Google play app and open it.
  2. · Now visit the top left of Google play and there you will see slide- out menu  or to simplify you can swipe from left to right and slide- out menu will pop up on your device.
  3. · Under the division of slide-out menu search the option “Settings” and hit on that.
  4. · Scroll down to find “About” option. This is the place where you will spot Play Store Version.
  5. · Hit on Play Store Version in order to learn if it’s updated or not.
  6. · In case if it is updated you will see something like “Google Play Store is up to date” and if not then your app will be downloaded automatically.

These above steps will make sure that your device is operating the latest version of the Play store and also helps in improving app security and stability. You can even get your apps updated either individually or automatically. If you want to update your Google play apps automatically consider the following steps:

  1. · Go to Google Play store in your device and hit on the “menu” button under the section of “settings”.
  2. · Select “Auto-Update apps” and choose the appropriate option of downloading apps either by exercising the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Go and get your Google Play store or contact Google play customer service updated now and grab its amazing features.

Google Play Customer Service Phone Number

A recent survey indicates that Google has currently reached over 1 billion active users across the world. So it is quite obvious that these users might be facing certain problems. Hence in order to overcome these problematic situations Google came up with Google play customer service phone number which provides 24/7 services anywhere in the world to their active users. The above steps are enough to get you rid of any trouble but if you are trying hard to dig into the matter and still not able to found the exact solution then you must definitely reach them without hesitation by Google Play customer service. 





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