How do I Create Signature in Hotmail Account

Get details for the process to create a signature in Hotmail email account!!

Creating signatures in Hotmail account is really simple as it requires certain steps that the user is required to follow. With the use of signatures it becomes easy to recognise the sender of any email as the name of the person is always included in the email that is sent to the receiver.

Therefore, for this the user looks for questions like How do I create signature in Hotmail and wants the correct solution for it so that they can also add their signature in the Hotmail email account. So, for adding signature in any of the Hotmail email account the below mentioned steps are required :

  • First of all the user is required to sign in to their Hotmail email account.
  • Then the user should select the settings option that is mentioned at the top of the page.
  • From there the user need to select the options menu mentioned in the provided drop down list.
  • The user should then select the layout menu in the options tab and from there should click on the email signature option.
  • After this click on check marks so as to apply the signature automatically to the messages that the user compose.
  • Then, enter the content of the signature whatever is to be sent in the email.
  • If needed the user can also format the signature mentioned at the top of the provided box.
  • Lastly the user should select the save menu.

Hence, with these steps the signature can be added to Hotmail account that the user should follow. These steps are simple and are easy to access, but the user should remember to undertake all the correct step so that they don’t face any problem in further accessing their hotmail account.

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