how to reset Apple ID password on iPhone 5s

Obtain some basic methods reset Apple ID password on iPhone 5s

Apple ID is a key to access iTunes store, iCloud service, and Apple store on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and all other Apple devices using by the users across the world. Apple ID and its password are protecting all over the Apps, data, and even iPhone mobile device. Therefore, Apple ID and password always used to before downloading and installing any new app, and software on the device. Unfortunately, in case someone delete his password or email address, there are the possibilities to recover Apple email ID and reset the password with the valid troubleshooting steps.

But yes to reset the password you need to the know the decentish email address that receives the information for resetting the password on time. If you are using iPhone 5s and delete the password below tutorials are indicating you how to reset Apple ID password on iPhone 5s with ease.

  • At first, start on your iPhone 5s and go to the Apple ID account page and now try to login with your account using correct email address and password .
  • If meeting with trouble click the forgot Apple ID or password option and enter the phone number of asked for and choose use steps for two-factor Authentication.
  • Enter your Apple ID and now select the option to reset the password and there will be the security question on the next for which you have to choose the right answer.
  • If you security answer is right, move forward to continue button and a link will help you to reset the password with ease.
  • Enter the new password.

After resetting the password of Apple ID in your personal iPhone 5s go for the change password if you want to change otherwise now you are ready to access Apple account comfortably.

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