How Can I Change Google Maps Current Location

Google has got recognition because of different unique services launched by it. “Google Maps” is also one of the preferable service that has made life easy users get competent. By using it,individual may search for number of locations.If you wants to search for specific location,Google maps helps you in that.It provides you smart service without any serious problem.It is better for you in different aspects but certain threats might not get ignored.

What all technical bugs has been fixed by technical support team?

  • How may I know my current location using Google maps?
  • Why Google maps is not showing the right location?
  • How the location can be traced by using Google maps?
  • Why Google maps is not working anymore?
  • Why Google map is showing error while searching for locations?

How to change Google Maps Current Location?

  • It is first required to open “Google Maps”in a browser.
  • User should now search for the locations that you want to report by entering an address in the search field
  • You may even click on location shows on the map.
  • Tap the button of “Send feedback” which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • Account holder may even access “Send feedback” by using the menu icon in the search field.
  • Tap the option of “Suggest an edit” from the menu that will appear
  • There is now need to correct the address by entering the address listed
  • People may even indicate that the marker is placed on the map incorrectly by tapping a box and drag the marker to the fix position on the map.
  • Select the option of “Submit” and the suggested edits will review by Google staff before they take into effect
  • This listing will review by Google staff before they take into effect

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