When I press the power button on my computer nothing happens

How to resolve: when I press the power button on my computer, nothing happens?

Suppose you have a meeting and you need to open your computer immediately. When you hit the power button, your computer is idle, which means your computer has some errors. Therefore, to get rid of such issues, you need to apply some fixes. The fixes should work on your computer so that you can access them immediately. Also, you can look forward to the basic steps to resolve the issue of your computer instantly.

Possible reasons behind a computer not working

If you encounter the issue that when you press your computer's power button, nothing happens, the only thing that you can do is to look for quick fixes. However, before that, you need to check why your computer is encountering such an issue. So, given below are the possible reasons behind this common issue. Check them out.

  1. The inadequate external power supply is restricting your computer from opening. Your device is not getting enough power to operate flawlessly.
  2. There must be an issue regarding CMOS. It may be corrupted. So, check for it and try to open your computer again.
  3. Your computer may have Liquid Spill, Physical Damage, or Internal Malfunction.

Quick fixes that you need to try

You need to check some specific points, after which you can access your computer easily. Given below are the quick fixes that you must try to resolve this issue permanently. Have a look.

Give a try to a different power source.

There are chances that your computer is not receiving the power source. The power can be the computer's internal power, or there is no electricity entering your device. So, to access, unplug your computer and plug it in a different socket.

Go for a different power cable.

Maybe your power cable is not working up to the mark. Try a different line and start your computer. If there is an issue with the power cable, your computer will start.

Charge the battery

Check whether your computer's battery is charged or not. If not, charge it immediately and then try to open your computer.

Listen to the beep codes.

Once you hit the power button on your computer, you will hear a beep sound. If there is a single sound, your computer is in good condition, but you should look after the glitches for multiple beeps.

You can rectify your issue and work on its quick fixes. With the points mentioned above, you will get the solution to When I press the power button on my computer nothing happens, where the steps are clear. So, check your computer and work on the quick fixes.


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