How to Upgrade to Business Class in Air Canada


A detailed guide on how to upgrade Air Canada reservations to Business class 


Have you recently booked reservations with Air Canada, but you wish to enjoy some of the luxurious services onboard? Then, it is suggested that you upgrade your reservations to an upper class to enjoy the finest services onboard. Further, for the passengers who have no idea about the upgrade process they can read out this article for complete information. 


What exactly is Air Canada's upgrade service? 


For the passengers who wish to access luxurious services onboard and don’t mind spending some extra bucks they can easily opt for this service. The upgrade service of Air Canada permits the passengers to upgrade their booking before the scheduled departure of the flight. 


At present, the airline offers, its passengers these modes of upgrade that include:


  • Using eUpgrade account 
  • By contacting the airline 
  • At the time of check-in or Kiosk


So, for the passengers who are wondering how to upgrade to business class in Air Canada, they can opt for either of the above-mentioned options to upgrade their booking to business. Further, before heading on with the upgrade process, let’s know a bit about the benefits of traveling by business class. 


Highlights of traveling by Business class on Air Canada


  • Passengers are offered priority boarding and check-in facility at the airport. 
  • Further, the passengers are provided access to the VIP lounges. 
  • Also, one can enjoy a relaxing journey with the super-comfy seats on board with meals and entertainment facilities


Now, how to upgrade reservation to business class:


Follow the steps to resolve the query on how to upgrade to business class in Air Canada:


  • The passenger is required to visit the airline website and click on the Check-in option. 
  • Now, the passenger is required to mention the reservation details to retrieve the booking. 
  • Then, before printing the boarding pass, the passenger can opt for the upgrade option and select Business as the preferred cabin class. 
  • After that, the passenger can verify the fare details and make payment for the upgrade. 
  • Once the upgrade is confirmed, the passenger can print the boarding pass for their itinerary. 

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