Why is my Canon printer connected but not printing

Are you not able to take prints from your Canon printer? Here is the solution to your issue

Canon is a well-known brand of printers and scanning devices. Canon printer is known for giving high-quality prints. So, in today’s world, it has become the first choice for every printer user. It is used for various purposes such as official work, educational purposes, and sometimes for personal use. But what if a printer user fails to get a print from a Canon printer. This can be quite annoying when a user is in the middle of an important job. So this issue requires immediate action.

Users facing this issue may have a question, Why is my Canon printer connected but not printing? Here is the possible reason behind this issue. After knowing the possible reason you can fix the issue within no time.

Why is my Canon printer connected but not printing?- Possible reasons behind the issue

  • This issue can occur due to a paper jam.
  • It can also occur due to empty ink cartridges.
  • The outdated printer driver can also be a reason behind the issue.
  • It can also occur due to outdated software of your device which is not compatible with the printer.

There can be many other reasons behind the issue. Let us move forward and see the solutions for fixing this issue.

How to fix the Canon printer not printing issue?

Before doing anything else, check the connection properly. If the Canon printer is connected with wires then check the USB cable. If it is a wireless connection then disconnect the printer and connect it again. This will fix the connection-related issues.

  • Check whether there is a need for the replacement of the ink cartridge. If yes, then replace the ink cartridge.
  • Also, check the paper tray. If the papers are not placed properly then place the papers properly. This will help you fix the paper jam issue.
  • Update the printer driver. If you wish your printer to get back to its default settings, then remove the printer driver. After that, install the driver again on your computer.
  •  Also, check your operating system. If it is not updated, then update your operating system. Sometimes printers are unable to work with outdated OS versions. So you should frequently update the operating system of your device.

If you still have this query, Why is my Canon printer connected but not printing? Then you need to contact a printer repair technician to find the answer to your query. A printer repair technician will surely help you in fixing your printer-related issue within no time. 

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