How to add Google Analytics to Wordpress

Google Analytics – is a free website tracking service which helps you to analyze traffic, how the individuals use the website and their behavior. Everyone who creates a website has a goal for the same and wants the individuals to visit the site and how often they use it, it works adding the JavaScript which indeed helps you to see how the website is working.

How to add Google analytics to wordpress - Create an Account – first and foremost in order to add Google analytics to wardress is to create goggle account , if you already have one can go on the link and sign in for the same

· In order to sign in follow the instructions, once everything is filed and then hit on Click Tracking Id option, you will be on the next page where the individual needs copy the code.

· There are couple of ways to add Google Analytics Code to wordpress can be done



Manually –

· Once the code is there with the individual , login to wordpress in  the Appearance menu look for the option Editor

· Now the individual will have the option of couple of templates, one has to look for the template file named header .php.

· Now one has to look for the tag :.once you have searched the same paste the copied Google analytical code snippet before it , after that click on the option Update file option .

· In order to be ensure that your account is receiving data go back where you have copied the Google analytical code and refresh the same.  

By Plugin-

· Upload the Plugin and activate the same

· In the new Analytics menu look for the option Settings

· If you have signed in Google Analytics Account click on Authenticate with your Google Account follow the instructions and the account will be connected, however if your want to enter the UA code manually then simply check the Manually enter your UA code box , after this go back to the Google Analytics Account after this in the main menu click on Admin and then on Property Settings in the Property column.

In the Tracking ID copy the code and paste the code in the field in plugin  and last but not least click on save changes

Now you have successfully added Google Analytics to Wordpress and get best solutions for how to add google analytics to wordpress.


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