How May I Change Name on United Airlines Tickets

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United Airlines has been referred as the third largest and is the subsidiary is owned by the United Continental Holdings.It has been designed in such a way that individual will get extra legroom for their comfort.This airlines assists its users by  offering tea, coffee along with the soft drinks and complimentary juices for the passengers who are travelling from it.Even there are free meals and snacks for the users  on board and passengers may purchased the required items.

Individual could find the source of entertainment inside the flight and could run audio and video programs.Individual may even see their favorite TV channels. There are even separate headsets will be offered to the passengers so,that nobody will get disturb. Passengers may even access Wi-Fi continuously for checking their emails and other important things.There is complete assurance that individual will never forget the flying experience with United airlines.User may book the tickets at affordable rates

How to change passenger name on United airlines?

Individual can make change in their name on the ticket by applying the easy method.Individual may use their account created on the Mingle plus.To simply change the name,individual can follow the below given guidelines:

Step 1- Individual should do the correction in the spelling of a “first name”

Step 2- Even the last name can also be changed(e.g., Kotler to Kottler)

Step 3- One may even change in a name to or from a nickname

Step 4- Users may even change or do correction in the prefix or title to

Step 5- Individual may even add or do the deletion in the middle name or initial

Step 6- Change could also be made  in inverted first and last names

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