United Airlines Flight Date Change Policy

Here’s Everything You Should Know About The Flight Change Policy Of United Airlines

Booked your flight tickets with United Airlines already? But now you wish make changes in them such as rescheduling, sane day changes or simple flight change? Well, every airline especially United Airlines do let you make its flight change. However, for that, you should know about the flight change policy of the airline. Therefore, read this post further and get know about the United Airlines flight date change policy.

Important Points From The Flight Change Policy of United Airlines

As per its flight change policy, United Airlines lets you make your last minute changes such flight change within 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure date without any fee. However, your flight tickets should be booked at least days before your scheduled departure. The same is also applicable for United Airlines flight cancellations as well.  

  • In the event, if you wish to cancel your flight tickets instead of changing them then you can use the value of your original flight tickets for booking new United Airlines booking and that too without paying any fee.
  • For any travel change in plans that might have accoutred due to illness or other valid reasons, you’ll have to pay the applicable flight change fee while you make your changes and you can also request for refunds after the fee is applied, as per the United Airlines flight date change policy.
  • For same-day flight changes, United Airlines lets you do it within 24 hours prior to your original scheduled flight time including any fare class.
  • But you may have to pay the difference (between your original & new flight tickets) as well as the same-day flight change fee. Besides, your booking must also booked on United Airlines or United Express.
  • In the event, if you make your same Day changes after the 24 hours then you may also have to pay the same-day flight change fee  plus the additional fare difference in your United flight tickets.
  • United Airlines will not apply any fare charges until you’ll be boarded on another of its flight.
  • Most importantly, the Same Day changes on United Airlines are only applicable for the same origin and destination airports. However, the route changes are only allowed on the details of your United fare type.

Therefore, this was all about the United Airlines flight date change policy that you should know before cancelling or changing your flight tickets. If you wish to know more about the same or any other policy then feel free to get in touch with the customer services at United Airlines.


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