How do I get my printer to recognize my wifi

How to find if your Printer unable to recognize wifi

As technology has advanced, electronic devices have become user-friendly and easier to use than we expect them to be, so if you cannot understand how to deal with your devices. Don't panic if you still think about how I get my printer to recognize my wifi. Just follow these simple steps and get it done within a matter of seconds:

Firstly you are required to verify two things before you begin with:

  1. Keep your printer filled with a sufficient amount of ink
  2. Secondly, loaded with enough sheets of paper to test the printer.
  3. The ways/ methods or the ways will light the fact that you get the printer connected through wifi.

To get my printer to recognize my wifi, we will need to detect and connect it through the windows. Moreover, pay attention to the slight differences that might occur. Even though this procedure has striking similarities, there are distinct ways to operate each model separately.

So follow the steps which go along with the model of your printer.

How to recognize my Canon printer to wifi

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the arrow button, then go to Device Settings
  3. Press OK
  4. Go to LAN settings then OK, then select Wireless LAN setup
  5. Wait for the network to discover
  6. Select the right network and press OK
  7. When connected, then enter your password.

 After following these steps, your Canon printer is supposed to be connected to your wireless network.

You can also check by printing a sample page if it is done.

Note the IP address that you might need later.

How to recognize HP printer to wifi

There are various other types of HP model printers; these are HP Deskjet and Officejet

  1. Select Home
  2. Scroll down the menu with an arrow button and click on Wireless
  3. Press OK button
  4. Click on correct network press OK, then enter your password
  5. Verify the details, then press OK for your printer to join the network

Press Print to print a sample paper or continue with the remaining process when set. Please take a note of your IP address when it is displayed.

Other technical problems that might occur

  1. Problems with the installation process might be one reason why your printer cannot recognize your wifi. For that, you need to install your printer correctly to get it detected by your system or your PC.
  2. Also, ensure that your wireless printer is not out of range.
  3. Try to use a different driver for your printer; consider finding a driver for a legacy model.
  4. At times there are issues with the wifi, or the router is not properly or well connected, and you do need to get it to rectify from time to time which, as a customer, you do need to recheck from your end even for the maintenance purpose.

 I hope this helps you when you think of how do I get my printer to recognize my wifi then go through these steps, or otherwise, you can always reach out to the contact address provided to you below:

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