Google Search not working on Android

A summary on the issues and fixes of Google search not working on android

Google Search is a web search engine that is developed by Google. It is best search engine used by almost all the internet users in the world. Google search has many features such as the web search is not case-sensitive, special characters can be used to find something, etc. It can be used on computers as well as phones also.

Although Google search is very efficient and useful, still sometimes there can be few issues while using it. There are number of users who face the issue of Google search not working on android. Here is the list of some common reasons that hinders the working of Google search:

  1. The Google search available in the android may be an older version.
  2. The cache or cookies in the Google search might be reason of the issue.
  3. If the Google apps are disabled, that is the cause of the Google search not working on android.
  4. Sometimes, this issue comes up due to the download extensions in the chrome.
  5. In some cases, the antivirus and firewalls interrupts the functioning of Google search.
  6. The DNS cache could also be the reason for the issue.

Below listed are the fixes of the issue:

  1. The very first step would be to restart the android phone. In this the user needs to switch off the phone and then turn it on after few seconds. Then, try using the Google search to check.
  2. The user needs to ensure that the Google App is enabled in order to fix the issue of Google search not working on android. It can be checked by tapping the settings option, then application manager, then all, next scroll down to the Google App and finally check if is enabled or disabled.
  3. Another option would be to clear the data and the cache of Google app and Google search. It can be done by going on the settings option. The App is then tapped and then All is selected. The Google app is then selected and is stopped forcefully and cache is cleared. Then Manage Space is tapped and the option of Clear all data is chosen.
  4. The Google app can be updated in the Play store. It can be done by tapping the Google Play store option. Then the Google App is searched and updated. If the latest version is already installed, then there will be no option of update in the Play store.
  5. The user can also try by disabling the antivirus installed in the system.
  6. The app can be uninstalled and installed again in order to check if now the Google search is working or not.
  7. The proxy setting can also be checked in the system so as to resolve the issue of Google search not working on android.

If still the issue persists or any other query is there regarding the Google services in the Android phone, the support of Google can be contacted. The contact info for reaching the technical executive can be found on the website of Google.

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