OK Google Customer Service

From set up to its functionality, know every bit of information about OK Google Customer Service

When it comes to making the assessment easier Google never gives a second thought to improve its technology and with OK Google, it has proved that the next big thing is going to happen. And using artificial intelligence, OK Google does every task you command. It does many things and explaining it needs a lot of times yet here is a list of some popular task people can do using OK Google, check them out!

What OK Google can do for you?

  1. It searches the web and provides the answers.
  2. Can make a call and send text messages.
  3. Setting up appointments, alarm, and reminders.
  4. Posting social media stuff and sending emails.
  5. Controlling the home devices and appliances for you.
  6. Launch any music app in order to play specific songs.
  7. Enables navigating your route maps while driving.

How would set up OK Google on your device?

  1. To begin,open the Google app on mobile.
  2. Then need to go to the Settings in which select the OK Google detection option.
  3. Further, required to toggle From any screen.
  4. After that, people should turn on the 'Always-listening' mode on their Google App.
  5. Thereafter, people will be required to speak 'OK Google' three times in a row, in this way, the app will recognize your voice sounds.
  6. It will endure that only people can access the Google search through voice.
  7. As soon as, finish this, people are ready to access OK Google as per their need. Also, people can set their personal results in order to get the suggestions on the basis of their previous searches.
  8. Besides, they want to enable OK Google while using a Bluetooth headset, they can do that as well.

This is how people would be able to set up OK Google on their device and if they face any trouble while setting up OK Google, people can contact the OK Google customer service. Moreover, if they find the OK Google not working issue after the completion of OK Google set up, they can read and follow the below information to rectify the issue.

Ok Google not working

How will resolve OK Google not working issue?

If people are not able to access OK Google, then, there might be chances that Google voice search is not enabled and to enable the Google voice search, people can follow the mentioned steps:

  1. At first, people should press the Home Key and Hold it for a while.
  2. Then need to click on the Three Dots More icon placed at the top-right corner.
  3. Further, need to select the Settings option. In addition, people should select the user device option from the Main Menu of the device.
  4. Besides, if people still see the issue after doing the above steps, in that case, they should check the below options;

A- Microphone of phone

B- Update Google app

C- Language settings

Get the ‘OK Google not working’ issue resolved immediately

Though the above instructions would not let you down sometimes it becomes tougher to wrench the issue off, in that case, people should not worry about the issue and immediately contact the customer service at OK Google customer service phone number.A team of tech experts is always ready to support while OK Google is not working.

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