How to fix If my Xerox Printer not Printing?

Having a Xerox printing machine is very useful and can save you time. Xerox company printers are the most selling and the best printers. A printer is a machine used for printing and copying, and nowadays, it is used for printing books. Sometimes, the Xerox printer not printing becomes a stumbling stone in your work and very frustrating, and work gets delayed. Here are how you can troubleshoot your Xerox printer by yourself. After reading all the tricks mentioned below, you can use these tricks.

Ways to fix the Xerox printer if it is not working

Check the error light of the printer: if there is an error light in the printer and it indicates any sign. To know where the error light is, you can go through the manual to know where it is. This light indicates the error in your printer, and it can be of any color. In most of the printers, it is red. Still unable to figure out the problem. Keep reading.

Clear the lined up documents: the old documents lined up in the computer's printer can also be a reason for your printer not working, so it is very important to clean them from time to time.

Check the connections properly: sometimes, the USB cable through which the printer is connected is not connected properly or is defective. The printer does not work, so check the cables and connections carefully.

Check whether the printer is right: it may seem very basic, but check whether you have directed the file to the right printer. Be sure and try to print the file again.

Installation of software: when a printer is not connected to a personal computer. Then you are suggested to install the software manually.

Check the paper tray: have you checked the paper in the printer's tray? If not, then check it now. Sometimes papers are not arranged precisely, so it is suggested to rearrange them and adequately put them.

Check whether the paper is jammed: sometimes, papers are jammed in the printing machine, so you should open the panel and remove the crushed paper. If you are unsure where the panel is, you can get help from the user manual.

Check the printer's cartridge: make sure that you are not out of ink cartridges. Suppose the printer indicates that you are out of ink, but you are not; maybe the print head is blocked. Clean it with the cleaning routine of the printer.

Restart and reconnect: try to restart or reconnect your PC and the printer, and check both are connected properly.

Check wi-fi connectivity: maybe the system has poor wi-fi connectivity or no wi-fi connectivity.

You can use these simple troubling shooting methods when your Xerox printer is not printing. Still, your printer is not fixed. You can reach the customer care representative of Xerox printer. They will come and fix your problem. You can visit the official website of Xerox and click on "contact us," there, you can find their contact number.

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