Change name on Volaris Airlines Ticket

What is the process of changing the name in Volaris Airlines? Explain the fees that will be charged.

Sometimes, in a hurry, you turn up to do some common mistakes that can bring you in the trouble. It can be anything like editing the booking or your itinerary and doing some minor changes. These changes can make you pay the change fee in a particular airline.

Well, if you talk about the Volaris airlines, then the airline understands the seriousness of a situation and, therefore, provides the opportunity to all its passengers to go for changes in their flight itinerary. Today, here we are talking about the changes that can be made in the name of the passengers because of the misspelled name or how to change name on Volaris airlines ticket.

Process of name change in the airline:

Let us see the process by which the passengers can go for changing the name in the flight itinerary. The passengers can change name on Volaris airlines ticket by the following procedure:

  • The passengers have to call on the customer support by making a call on the toll-free number of Volaris.
  • They can then talk to the agents and raise a request for changing the name in Volaris.

It should be noted that the passengers are allowed change name on Volaris airlines ticket until 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. If we talk about the fee structure for the name change in Volaris Airlines, then, let us inform you that you have to pay the corresponding fee. It will totally be dependent on the route and the fare type that the passengers have purchased.

This is how you can go for a name change. For more queries, the passengers are free to contact the customer support. They will provide them with the best assistance regarding all their issues. Not only this, but free tips will also be given to them. Their services are active round the clock.


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