Account not Receiving Emails

What is the solution for the SBCGlobal account that has stopped receiving emails?

Not receiving emails is a problem that can frustrate the users a lot. They can miss some vital information that can lead them to have a loss in their business. So, we have seen many users frustrated in this case.

If you are the one who is also facing the issue of account not receiving emails, then you can go through the below pointers and can resolve your issues. These points will be of your help, and you can start receiving the emails again.

Confirm that the sender is typing the correct email address-

If you are not receiving the email from any specific person, you can ask your sender to check whether the email address they are typing is correct. If the sender is typing the incorrect email address, then they will get the error message “delivery failed.”

Check Email Filter Settings:

The email filters can be used for filtering the incoming emails. The filter checks the email and sends them to the deserving folder. If the filter is created into the SBCGlobal account, the filter can block the new incoming email. That might be the reason for not receiving emails into the SBCGlobal account.

You need to delete the SBCGlobal email filter, and then you have to send a test mail to yourself. You can check if you are receiving the emails or not.

Forwarding issue:

This the most common issue that the users face. The account not receiving emails is the issue that can trouble the users a lot. So, you can check the issue by going into the section of settings. Most people tend to forward their emails to other accounts, which is why they don’t receive any emails. So, checking the forwarding settings is the solution for this. If you find this enabled, you have to disable it.

Blacklisted the email address of the sender:

Sometimes, you mistakenly block the email address of the sender that can lead to this problem. You will not receive any mail from the sender if this will be the case. So, you are required to check the block list and unblock the sender.

These steps will help you in resolving the issue. You can contact the account not receiving emails customer support team if you are not clear about the points mentioned above.


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