How do I stop my router from randomly disconnecting from my devices?

How to fix my router that randomly disconnects?

The constant dropping of the internet connection with your router could be frustrating sometimes. Here, you will get answers to How do I stop my router from randomly disconnecting from my devices. There are times when our computers, mobiles, smart TV and other gadgets keep disconnecting and then again reconnects back to the router; this might happen due to many reasons which are discussed briefly in this write up along with the solutions to get rid of this frustrating situation so make sure to read out till the end.

Common reasons behind why the internet keeps disconnecting with your device

  1. Before moving forward with the solutions to solve this issue, you must know the reasons behind it, which is highlighted down below:
  2. If your router that randomly disconnects from your devices, behind of the reasons of that the device might not be receiving enough strength from your router, and the common reason could be that you are using the device on the end range of your network bandwidth. 
  3. Your router network is connected with too many devices, which could slow its strength and leads to disconnecting issue. This could commonly happen in crowded areas such as malls, stadiums, concerts, and streets. 
  4. Sign-in issues with your router portal. 
  5. Too many wireless networks in your area could lead to the overlapping of networks and this issue. 
  6. Outdated firmware of your router or the version that is not compatible with your device; could also happen if you use an outdated wifi adapter.
  7. Issues with your ISP. 
  8. Faulty cable, there are times when your wires might not work correctly, or the router might not receive enough power from the source. 

Hence these are some of the most common problems that a wifi router user faces on a frequent basis that leads to a hindrance in your personal and professional work. There is no need to panic in such situations as you can fix it on your own by following some of the troubleshooting methods that are further discussed as follows.

Router Randomly Disconnects? Troubleshoot Your Issue with these solutions!

All the Windows users can run a troubleshooter on their desktop through the settings to see if the problem got fixed or not. Whereas if you are a mac user, you can seek help by running the troubleshooter. Moreover, if you are using some other devices and are still facing the sudden drop of the network, then try out these techniques:

  1. First of all, you can try to restart your router or your smartphone and computer, then try to reconnect again and see if the problem got fixed or not. 
  2. Try to move towards your router with the device you wish to use the internet on. 
  3. Install the wifi initializer application on your device to check if your wifi needs to be replaced in some other place. 
  4. Update your router with the latest version, and make sure to update your router's firmware through the manufacturer's website. 
  5. Check if your router's server is down maybe, and to check that, you can contact your ISP to see if there is an outage in the area. 
  6. If you are using a router in a crowded area, there might be many networks available, so make sure to block other networks and stick to one. 

Therefore these are a few common tips and tricks that can help you use the router on your device with a stable network connection. If you are still facing difficulty, you need to contact a technical expert. 


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