How to Configure the Gmail in Thunderbird

Email today has become the critical part of our communication system. It currently becomes the lifeline for modern communication field as it helps in transferring the information from one part of the world to another within quicktime. People use various types of email service to serve their different interest.

Some prefers the free email service while other choose the standard email service. Standard email services are getting popular these days due to advance level of security and extra email features. One such standard email service providing company is Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the major standard email service providing company. It’s popularity is mainly due to the kind of services provided by the company especially related to the security features which helps in protecting the customers critical data. One good quality of the Mozilla Thunderbird is that it quickly loading the email links directly from the message page as well as turn the email into a web browser.

Apart from that it also provides unique email management application as well as host of other features like chat, spamming of the email services and so forth. One of the common problem face by the user is regarding How to configure gmail in Thunderbird. Follow these simple procedures for how to configure the gmail in Thunderbird.

  1. First of all, go to the gmail website and then log into the gmail.
  2. Then click on the gear icon and choose the gmail setting at top of the gmail page.
  3. Further click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  4. Make sure to enable IMAP and configure your IMAP client.
  5. Then click on the save changes.
  6. Make sure to open the Thunderbird and type your name, email and password.
  7. Again click on continue button and then tick the check mark on IMAP.
  8. Further click on the Manual Config.
  9. Write down the following manually settings in your website,
  10. Incoming : / Port
  11. Outgoing : / Port
  12. Click on Reset.
  13. Click on the create account button.
  14. Again now the user can check gmail from the Thunderbird.

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