How do I connect my Canon Pixma e560 printer to WiFi?

Ways to connect Canon Pixma e560 Printer to Wi-Fi?

Canon printers don't need any explanation as it's a popular name among printers. To enjoy the printer's non-stop services and best features, you must connect the printer with your Wi-Fi. In case you are thinking, How do I connect my Canon Pixma e560 printer to Wi-Fi? We have come up with the detailed information below.

Below are some simple steps that you can go through to connect your printer with Wi-Fi.

Steps to connect the printer using Wi-Fi

  1. Before you connect your printer with Wi-Fi, make sure that the button on the access point is ready to be pressed
  2. Now you can hold down the Wi-Fi button there on the printer by the time the orange alarm light flashes once; after that, you can release the wifi button.
  3. Ensure that the blue wifi lamp flashes immediately and the power lamp is lit.
  4. Now press and hold the button on the access point in 2-3 minutes
  5. Now you will see that the blue wifi lamp and the green power lamp are lit

You will successfully connect the printer with wifi by going through the process above. In case if the orange alarm lamp lights up, you can go through the troubleshooting information below.

Troubleshooting the wifi connections

  1. You may encounter two types of situations below if connecting a canon Pixma e560. You can check the problem you face and then take action accordingly.
  2. When the blue w-fi lamp flashes slowly and the orange color alarm lamp is lit
  3. In this case, you can press the button on any one access point
  4. You can check the security settings of the access point in your printer
  5. Once you check the above points, you can wait for a moment and configure the wireless connection setting again, as explained above. To get into more detail about how to check the security setting on the access point, you can either check the supplier manual; else, you can also contact the manufacturer directly.
  6. When the Blue wifi lamp flashes instantly and the orange Alarm is lit
  7. You can check whether the network device water is turned on? If the device is turned on already, you can turn it off and then turn it back again. Once you check it, you can configure the wireless connection setting again by going through the information below.
  8. If you don't know how to check the access point setting, you can refer to the supplier manual with the access point, or you can contact the manufacturer directly.
  9. In case, if the orange alarm lamp still lights up on the printer, you can check the following.
  10. Whether the device like smartphone and network device is configured or not?
  11. Are the access points and printers installed in the open space, where wifi communication is possible?
  12. Is the access point operating in IEEE802.11g,IEEE802.11n(2.4 GHz), or IEEE802.11b?
  13. You can wait for some time and then bring the access point and printer close to each other and then configure the wireless connection setting discussed above within the specified time.

By going through the above information, you will troubleshoot the issue anytime. Besides, if you are worried about How do I my connect my Canon Pixma e560 printer to wifi? You can also speak to the customer support team of Canon printers. 

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