Google Apps is not Working

What to do When Google apps is not working, Here is the guidance

Google is a very famous multinational company which is known for providing various services to its customers which include Gmail, Google Play Store, and Google Maps. Besides, the company is known for providing credible services, there are chances that some users might face technical glitches like Google apps not working issue. But, thankfully these issues can be solved by identifying the cause and opting for the right solutions. So, in order to help you out here, we have listed some common cause of this issue and solutions to fix it.

Google is the best web browser in the world and thus every individual trust it blindly. Any product developed by Google is also taken for granted considering that it cannot have any fault or error but we forget that the working professionals in Google are also human being and mistakes can happen and is also expected. Google Play store is a Google apps which works as a mediator and if it stops working for any random reason then the entire world of any individual in the digital world comes to an end.

For any instance if the Google Play store apps fails to work or Google apps is not working, then the user first need to make sure that it is a user end problem. Prior trying any way out to fix the issue, it is essential to be reconfirmed that the problem is not with Google. Then the best possible way is to do this is to head somewhere like the downdetector and cross check if others are reporting similar issues.

Cause of the issue

Before we head on with the solutions to fix Google apps not working issue here we have listed some of the common causes of this issue. Well, this issue is the most common one which is experienced by a lot of users. The users might notice these errors because of the poor state of Google Play and Android device. Further, the latest update or compatibility issues can also lead to this issue.

Further, to fix this issue you can use these solutions:

  1. Check the connectivity of your Wi-Fi networks. Ensure that your phone is connected to an authentic network.
  2. Free up the storage space in your device by following the steps:

    A- For this solution, you are required to launch the Settings app.

    B- Once the app is launched, you are required to tap on Storage option.

    C- Then, you are required to click on Free up space.

    D- After that, select the items which you wish to delete and tap on Free up.

    3. Clean the data and cache of the Play Store app

    A- For clearing the Play Store data, you are required to launch the Settings app.

    B- Further, you are required to select the App manager or Apps.

    C- Then, you need to select Google Play services and tap on Manage space.

    D- After that, tap on Clear Data option and press OK.

    4. Check if the Download Manager is enabled

    A- Open the Settings app and tap on Application manager option.

    B- Then, you need to tap on All and select Download manager option.

    C- After that, tap on the Enable button to activate the Download Manager.

    5. Uninstall and Reinstall your apps

    A- For this, you are required to launch the Settings app where you need to select Google Play Services under Apps.

    B- After that, select the settings option and tap uninstall updates.

    C- Further, you need to tap on OK.

    Second Ways : How to fix Google apps not working issues : Find solutions here

    1. The user can try to force close the Google Play Store which the user can simply do by swiping way the Google Play Store on the multi-tasking app switcher

    2. At times turning on the airplane mode might resolve the issue and the app start working

    3. Restating the device is another possibility

    Removing Proxy or VPN Settings can resolve the issue Still, if you have issues or unable to fix this problem like my google apps not working , you can reach out to the Google apps support to get desired assistance.

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