HP Printer Not Printing Color Correctly

What Do To When HP Printer Not Printing Color Correctly?

Most times the customers encounter the obstruct that hp printer not printing color correctly. The Printer is working, but the colors in the printed outcome are not the expected colors. The output might look as if a color has not printed, or if only one color has printed, or as if the wrong colors have been printed on the paper. These types of issues can be very easily resolved by the customers by itself by taking the following steps.

· The users should use genuine HP cartridges.

· The users need to verify the ink levels of the cartridges in order to see if the poor print quality is caused by low ink in one or more cartridges. In addition, they need to verify if their cartridge is low or empty, then immediately replace it.

· The users should need to do this task.

1- First, opens the "Properties dialog" box and then go to "Features" tab.

2- Then, go to "Print Quality" menu, and then choose a higher print-quality in the setting like a Best, Maximum dpi, etc.

3- The users should need to print and evaluate a print quality report to find the actual problem.

4- If the drain on the head of the cartridge is jammed or blocked, then cartridge might not work properly. So make sure that the cartridges are properly released and seated correctly.

5- If the users find the printer prints still poor quality, after performing the steps, then the cartridges might be faulty. So, they need to change the cartridge associated with the isolated or removed shading hinder on the print quality report.

Therefore, the users should need to connect with the proficient technicians, to resolve their HP Printer not printing color correctly issues instantly, who can get excellent support, and help to get rid of HP printer regarding queries. 


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