Cloud Hosting

Why Cloud Computing or Cloud Hosting is becoming popular choice for Data Storage?

Increased productivity, higher security and lower costs are just three examples of what your business will get from a cloud solution. Cloud hosting is no longer just for big businesses. It is for almost all types of companies - regardless of size and industry.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting (cloud or cloud computing) is virtual data centers where you buy and store all your company’s IT services - ranging from applications to computer power and storage. Cloud hosting is thus a form of IT outsourcing where you put your company’s IT “out of the house” and get an external partner to take care of it. IT outsourcing deprives you of responsibility and releases resources for the company.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

The uniqueness of benefits lies in the flexibility and scalability of cloud hosting compared to a traditional data center with physical servers, warehouses, etc. Your company determines the amount of cloud storage (server space) that suits your company. All in all, a cloud solution is an advantage for most businesses.

Economy: It’s quite cheaper to have a solution in the cloud. Companies can save a lot of money transferring their data to large data centers.

Security: Safety is a good argument for choosing cloud solutions. Many companies have been attracted to the environment that cloud operators have been able to offer.

Standard solutions: The availability of useful standard business applications to the current cloud platforms is growing rapidly. More people therefore ask for a standard app because they do not even need more.

Scalability: Get scalability and turn up and down for your cloud services as needed. This way you avoid paying for resources that you do not use.

Productivity: A wide range of software is available in the cloud that can make your company more productive with the new tools.

Companies offering Cloud Hosting Services

There are many cloud hosting companies across the world that companies are using for their cloud storage. These includes





Red Hat







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