Philippine Airlines Name Correction Policy

Change Your Incorrect Name Instantly with Philippine Airlines Name Correction Policy

A lot of mistakes are performed by the passenger whenever they book a flight ticket with their preferred airlines carrier and one of the common mistakes that often occurs is incorrect name or spelling on the reservation you made. It is quite important having a ticket with the correct name because you will not able to travel if there is any kind of mistake in your name printed on your flight ticket. But don’t worry at all if you have booked your flight ticket with Philippine Airlines that allow the passengers to make correction in their name which is only possible when you follow the name correction policy which is prescribed by the Philippine Airlines.

What is Philippine Airlines Name Correction Policy?

Have you entered the incorrect name while booking your flight ticket with Philippine Airlines to your preferred destination? Then you need to make corrections in your name which is possible to do as per the given rules of name correction set by Philippine Airlines for the passengers. If you don’t have any idea about Philippine Airlines name correction policy, then you should know before you make a request for name correction.

Name Correction Policy of Philippine Airlines

  1. You can’t change the name your but you can make only minor changes such as adding or deleting any letter in a surname or first name.
  2. Passenger can also choose another name if their name is specified as A.K.A on the passport.
  3. Foreigner names of any passenger will be included all the names and can correction to their name.
  4. The name correction fee starts from $25 that also depends on the type of your ticket and flight type.

With the help of the Philippine Airlines name correction policy which mentioned above, you can simply make corrections in your incorrect name. But in case you are still not capable of correcting your name or require more assistance, then contact the customer service team of Philippine Airlines.

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