Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

What is Spirit Airlines Pet Policy- Explore it

Are you an Animal Lover and want to enjoy this time with the fluffy species? Then why not prefer airlines which allow a friendly environment for your pet and Spirit airline is the best option.

A passenger can avail the services offered by Spirit airlines by simply booking a ticket with them. The booking of ticket is done under the booking policy of the airline. There are various policies according to which the airlines work in an effective manner. The pet policy is also a useful policy for those want to carry their pets along. The Spirit airlines Pet policy is as follows:

  • The airline provides the service of carrying small domestic pets to travel along with passenger on all the domestic flights operated by Spirit airlines.
  • The pets allowed in the domestic flights are domestic dogs, domestic cats and small household birds.
  • A passenger can carry a maximum of 4 pets along while travelling with Spirit airlines.
  • The exotic pets such as rodents, spider, snakes, etc. are prohibited. The pets should be at least 8 months old at the time of departure.
  • The animals should be odorless, harmless and do not require any attention while being in the flight.
  • If it causes any disturbance before boarding the flight, it may get removed.
  • The passengers travelling with a pet can choose their seat anywhere in the aircraft except the first and emergency exit rows according to the Spirit airlines Pet policy.
  • A passenger can carry a maximum of 2 pets in a container and the passenger is allowed to carry only one container.
  • There is no service of transporting pets in the Cargo of Spirit airlines.
  • The container of the animal should be able to fit under the seat in front of the passenger travelling with the pet.
  • There are particular dimensions of the container size that are mentioned in the Spirit airlines pet policy.
  • The pets are not allowed to carry animals on the international flights except if the service animals are there.
  • The animals are required to be presented at the checkpoint screens for screening.
  • The container should be spacious enough that the pet is able to stand and turn around.

If a passenger wants to know more about the Spirit airlines pet policy or other policies of the airlines, the customer support can be contacted. The executive of the support department will provide all the possible assistance. The contact info for reaching the support can be found on the official webpage of the Spirit airlines.

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