Why is my Canon Printer not Connecting

How to fix if your Canon Printer not Connecting to your device

Canon is a well-known Japanese brand specializing in Tokyo, Japan, which is specialized in optical, imaging, and medical equipment. Scanner, Printers brand offers several services to its customers. While using services of the Canon printer do face any technical glitches, they do get good benefits from the customers. Canon printers are one of the top-notch devices that can be preferred by one to print, scan, or fax, but because it is a technical device, it may arise when you operate it.

If being a canon user, the most common issue that most users encounter in their day-to-day life when printing something from their canon printer is the canon printer, not a printing problem.

Why is my Canon printer not Connecting to my Device

There are several ways through which my canon printer is not printing.

  1. The print jobs get stuck in the print queue. 
  2. Due to paper Jam issues. 
  3. Canon Printer drivers are outdated. 
  4. Due to not secured network connection. 
  5. Due to dusty printer heads. 
  6. Unmatched size of the paper loaded in the printer.

The above-written methods will tell why the canon printer is not working, or the canon printer is not connecting because it is not working. There are several reasons why it is not connected to the canon printer as it failed to get connected through it. 

What are different ways through which you can fix a printer which does not face printing issues?

  1. Go through the below noted instructions to fix printer not printing issues from the root instantly. The following steps will show you how my canon printer is not connecting.
  2. First and foremost, You need to ensure the wireless canon printer is set up with the available wifi connection properly. 
  3. Press and hold the wireless button (A) until the wireless lamp (B).
  4. Press the color button.
  5. Press the Wireless button repeatedly until the Network lamp (ID) lights up.
  6. Do press the color button.  
  7. Next, click on the printer menu to clear the print queue so that the printer can print the document fluently. 
  8. Further, open the printer head and clean the jammed papers so that you can take the printed documents whenever you require. 
  9. You may also need to replace the ink cartridge as your requirement as a low ink cartridge issue cannot let your printer print anything.

The critical factor for the issues with the printer not printing is the print job stuck in the printer queue. The paper jams disable the printer's ability to print the out-of-date printer driver, low ink cartridge, and faulty network connection. This must be few main possible reasons for not allowing the printer to print. Get the issue fixed from the root in an instant by simply making a cold conversation. If the canon printer is not connecting, you can easily get connected through you can take help of its customer service assistance as they provide the support you are willing to get by guiding them through troubleshooting steps and do recommend you about the fact canon printer is not working correctly. 

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