Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Travel with Pets On Alaska Airlines: Charges & Policy

Travelling with pets has its own perks. What can be more amazing then to travel with your furry friend? Alaska Airlines being an eminent and reputed airlines company understands this very well. The company is pretty famous for its flexible pet policy. However, there are still some important points that you must know before you plan to take your little friend onboard with you.

There are several considerable restrictions that may or may not allow your pet to travel in Alaska Airlines flight. However, most of the points from Alaska airlines pet policy make it easy for you to travel with your pet. Go through this article to know about the pet policy of Alaska Airlines and charges applied by the company.

Pet Policy Of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines allows you to take all kind of small sized domestic animals. However, if your pet is bigger in size than the pet size defined by the Alaska Airlines than you will have to take an approval for travelling with your pet. The airlines company has also partnered with couple of hospitals that can provide you special discounts while preparing for the take-off.

Pet Policy Of Alaska Airlines: Cabin

  • A passenger can bring maximum of 2 pet carriers in Alaska Airlines cabin. Pet carries must contain pets of same breed. However, he or she has to book two adjacent seats for bringing two pets
  • Minimum age of pets must be at least 8 weeks and they must be completely weaned.
  • All the pets must stay in inside their carriers during the time of travel
  • They must be stress free and if they smell offensive or creates any disturbances then they must travel inside the climate-controlled baggage compartment.
  • They must be stowed below the seat space from the time flight takes off until it’s deplaning.

Pet Policy Of Alaska Airlines: Cargo

  • Alaska Airlines does not allow more than 1 pet (dog or cat) to travel in same kennel. The pet must be at least 6 months old or older.
  • Small pets (puppy or kitten) of age from 8 weeks to 6 months and weighing more than 20lbs may travel in the same kennel. However, only 2 pets may travel in the single kennel.
  • Pets must not be offensive, harmless and require special attention during the time of travel.

Hence, these are the important Alaska Airlines pet policy points that you must keep in mind while you look forward to bring your pet along. Read the next section to know more about the charges applied by Alaska Airlines on their pet policy.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel With Pets In Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines charges you with the fee of $100 (each way) for bringing your pet onboard. The charges are same and applicable on both in-cabin and cargo area.

Size Of Pet Carriers Allowed In Alaska Airlines Cabins

Following are the size of pet carriers that are accepted by Alaska Airlines.

  • For hard sided pet carriers, the kennel size must be 50 & 17" x 11" x 7.5" (length x width x height)
  • For soft  sided pet carriers, the kennel size must be 50 & 17" x 11" x 9.5" (length x width x height)
  • Since Alaska Airlines does not requires medical approval documents for bringing your pet along, you can only travel with your pet at your own risk. Your pet carrier must be properly ventilated, crack free and tear free, clean, non toxic and leak proof

Therefore, this was all about Alaska Airlines pet policy. For more information you can contact to the customer services and gain more information about the company’s pet policy.

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