Etihad Business Class Tickets

How do I book Etihad Business Class Tickets

Etihad Airways is the second largest airline service of United Arab Emirates. Its headquarters are located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. It was founded in July 2003. It has a fleet size of around 116 aircraft that operates around 1000 flights per week in the cities of Asia, Europe, America and Australia. There are two business class cabins that operate in the services. One of the business class is that which operates on narrowbody aircraft and another one is that operates on wide-body aircraft.

Etihad Airways are famous for its Residence class in which the passenger is provided with a private living room, bedroom and bathroom. While etihad is known for its Apartments, we should not neglect their excellent service in Etihad business class. Etihad business class is also the amazing way to experience their hospitality service. You will get a comfortable lie-flat seat and direct aisle access. Not only this, but one also has an access to the in-flight lounge to have snacks, drinks or meet the fellow flight members. Alright, let us now explain to you the steps related within booking Etihad business class tickets. This will ensure that you also experience the amazing flight experience.

  1. As Etihad business class tickets can also be booked online, so firstly log onto, the official site of Etihad Airways.
  2. Click on “Book your Flight.
  3.  Enter the details that have been asked like the travel date, a seat that you want, best possible routes, and the class of service.
  4. Select the desired flight based on the time that is comfortable for you.
  5. Review the total cost taxes/fees, mileage cost.
  6. Do find Guest First Awards otherwise, you will be overpaying.
  7. Complete your business class bookings by entering the payment details. Etihad’s business class tickets are booked now. A confirmation email shall be receiving to you which holds all the baggage related details and allowances, seat number, flight number, flight timings and many such important details that are at the best of your knowledge. For further clarifications, one can contact Etihad's customer support.

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