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Find How Helpful Bangkok Airways Reservations Phone Number

Bangkok Airways is a regional airline of Bangkok, Thailand which first began its air transportation service in 1968 in the name of "Sahakol Air". It was the first private aviation company in Thailand who started to provide charter service by means of its first operational aircraft, "Trade Wind".

In due time, there was a rapid growth in tourism and business investments in Thailand was observed which resulted in the increase in the air transportation which in turn contributed to the economic growth and its infrastructure development and thus become a major destination capable of hosting several million overseas visitors per year. To meet the increasing requirement, Bangkok Airways officially began its operations in 1986 as the first privately-owned domestic airline in the country.

Initially Bangkok Airways had limited routes and just offered scheduled flights from Bangkok to Krabi, Korat, and Surin only. However, with increasing demand in present situation, Bangkok Airways was successful in obtaining permits to operate scheduled flights over 20 different major routes which includes nearly all prime resort destinations in Thailand. Additionally, the Bangkok Airline has also obtained permits to go beyond the domestic boundaries and fly internationally to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh and Maldives.

Bangkok Airlines Assistance

1.      Online Booking & Payment

Bangkok airways reservations phone number is the best way to seek any assistance or queries relating to online flight bookings or payment. For any last minute changes, the travelers are requested to contact the Bangkok airways reservations phone number or Bangkok Airways Call Center and reschedule their travel itinerary as per their convenience and that too without any hassle.

2.      Manage Booking

The travelers of Bangkok Airways is independent of selecting the process of how he or she wants to book their travel ticket. They can book the ticket either directly from the official website or can take assistance from the alternative channels or can even request for an official receipt or call on Bangkok airways booking phone number.

Booking through website  is comparatively easier and convenient for the traveler as he or she do not need to communicate about the itinerary details to any one and thus it reduces the chance of making mistakes. The traveler can book the flight or make any necessary changes as per the convenience and at the click of a button. The only limitation in this process is that in case the traveler has made more than one change to an existing booking then the traveler will be stopped from utilizing the ‘My Booking’ function and thus need to contact the Bangkok Airways reservations phone number directly to resolve the issue.

Bookings through alternative channels means the traveler need to contact the Bangkok airways reservations phone number or drop an email the channels who are associated with them.

Official Receipt can be requested within 30 days of the ticket purchase date and the same can be requested either online or by contacting the Bangkok Airways Call Center. The travelers are requested to kindly note that all documentation requests will be sent either via email or picked up on departure date at ticket office, airport

For further communication, the traveler can contact at 1771 (within Thailand) or +66 (0) 2270 6699 anytime within 24 hours or can even email at


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