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Iphone is a device from Apple. This was launched few years back and with all its smart features , it became the first choice for thousands of people around the world. The 4.70 inch touch screen display with superb resolution of 756 by 1334 pixels make it really attractive at first sight. Then the quad core Apple 10 fusion processor with 2 GB of RAM  raise the performance.

The another best feature is the 12 mega pixel camera and 7 mega pixel front camera. The device is loaded with various features and functionalities with 32 GB internal storage. The device is secured by ios and no app can be downloaded in one single step so that no chances of viruses or fake apps to damage the device. It is single sim smart phone which can be connected with wifi, it can have 3G, 4 G and blue tooth connection as well. Overall the device has :

  1. Best perfomance
  2. Best battery life
  3. High class camera
  4. High security against viruses and suspicious and malicious apps and websites.
  5. Regular updates.

Every iphone user have to create an Apple account for his phone to access various features. The account can be accessed through a username and password. If user is having more than one apple device then only one apple account is enough to be configured with all other devices and services like itunes, icloud etc. If by chance , the password get lost or forgotten by the user then no need to worry abut that. The iphone account recovery is possible with few simple steps.

iphone account recovery steps

  1. Four ways are there through which user can do the iphone account recovery.
  2. Either user can provide an alternate email address where Apple will send a notification to reset a new password.
  3. Or user should add a trusted phone number.
  4. When user will provide his date of birth and phone number, Apple will identify the user and then will send a notification on phone as a text.
  5. Or else user have to answer the security questions which are pre set by the user at the time of creating the account.
  6. Lastly, user can use the Two way authentication for iphone account recovery. A code is sent to the user through the trusted iphone account recovery phone number through which user can get the access of the account and then later he can change the password.

Iphone Account Recovery Phone Number

For any technical problem, user can call at the iphone account recovery phone number. This number is a 24/7 service and has experts of Apple technology always present on the line. They can provide effective solutions to every Apple issue. They can also provide remote assistance for quick iphone account recovery. User can call at this number at any time and get the problem solved quickly.


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