Sun Country Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

A guide on Sun Country Airlines Services and its customer Service

Sun Country Airlines is one of the best low-cost airlines in the country. It has a fleet size of 41 and covers 55 destinations in the nearby areas. The headquarters of Sun Country Airlines is located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. The operational flights of the airline cover the destinations in Mexico, the United States, the Caribbean and Central America. If you want to travel comfortably with low-fares, you can book your flight with Sun Country Airlines. For details of the airline, passengers can refer to the info of this article or contact Sun Country Airlines customer service.

Classes of Sun Country Airlines

When you are flying with Sun Country Airlines, you will experience the best on-board services. The airline offers you exceptional customer service and best amenities including all the services like comfortable seating along with complimentary beverages.

You can avail seat equipment including full-size tray table, comfortable recline, in-seat power, etc. Although the airline does not offer any classes, there are different seat categories:

  • Best- In this seat category, you can avail various benefits such as

  1. Preferred boarding after check-in

  2. Extra legroom space with 4" more

  3. A recline of 150% more

  4. In-seat USB port along with power outlet

  5. Free in-flight entertainment streaming on your personal devices.

  • Exit Row- The services offered in this category are:

  1. More legroom space with 9" extra

  2. In-seat USB port

  3. In-flight entertainment streaming on your devices, without charges.

  • Standard- In standard seating, you can have:

  1. Free in-flight entertainment

  2. In-seat USB port.

While booking your ticket, you can choose as per your preference or budget. You can find the available seats on the seat map of the airline website.

Deals in Sun Country Airlines

To know about all the latest deals and offers, you can either get in touch with Sun Country Airlines customer service or browse the deals section on the official website. The airline is already offering the lowest fare flights to its passengers, but you can also check for the available deals and offers in the airline. For deals:

  1. You can earn double points when you book non-stop flights from/to Harlingen.

  2. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive the latest updates on fare sales, vacation package and other offers.

  3. Browse the vacation packages webpage and get the latest offers to several destinations.

To get cheaper flights, you can try some tips and hacks also.

Sun Country Airlines Reservations Process

If you have made up your mind to fly with Sun Country Airlines, you can book your flight either online or offline. When you choose offline booking, you can dial Sun Country Airlines customer service phone number, visit the ticket counter or contact a travel agent. Whereas, in online booking, a few steps are followed, as listed below:

  1. Open your browser and go to Sun Country Airlines booking portal.

  2. Under Flight, select an option among one-way and round-trip.

  3. Choose a city from where you wish to depart and the one where you want to reach. 

  4. Select the date when you want to leave the departure city.

  5. Then, select the number of travellers flying on the same booking.

  6. After this, you will get a prompt of available flights, and you have to choose any one.

  7. In the next step, enter the passenger details in the given fields.

  8. Finally, when you make the payment, you will have a confirmed booking.

How to check Sun country Flight status

After booking your flight with Sun Country Airlines, if you want to know the flight status on the departure date, you can use the online option:

  1. On the homepage, click the Flight Status option.

  2. Then, you can either use cities or flight number to get the status.

  3. Once you provide the details and the departure day, you will have the info about the status.

You can plan your boarding accordingly.

Manage Reservations of Sun Country Airlines

After the confirmation of booking, if there is a change in your travel plan, you can use the Manage Booking option. Here are the steps by which you will be able to modify your booking:

  1. On Sun Country website, click on My Trips.

  2. Provide the last name and reservation code in the given fields.

  3. With correct details, you will have your itinerary on the screen.

  4. Now, you can modify it according to your requirement.

  5. The changes might involve the change fees. 

  6. So, after paying the change fees and saving the changes, you will receive an updated e-ticket.

If you find any issue, you can dial Sun Country Airlines customer service phone number.

How do i Talk to a live person at Sun Country Airlines

For the convenience of passengers, Sun Country Airlines has introduced customer services. The representatives in the airline can be contacted through various modes, as explained below:

  • Call- You can get in contact with the support team through the phone. When you dial the phone number, you will be connected to the executive. Then, discuss the query and get it resolved on the call.

  • Email- You also have the option to write an email to the support team. Your email must have all the necessary details. The executive from the support will revert on your email, providing you with all the required info.

  • Live chat- The convenient method nowadays is the live chat. In this method, you will be connected to the executive through the chat messenger. Here, the query will be resolved quickly and instantly.

Among all other options, Sun Country Airlines customer service phone number is the most preferred method by the passengers.

For further details and queries, get in touch with the customer support team over the Sun Country airlines phone number. The contact details can be easily browsed under the contact section of the official webpage of Sun Country Airlines.




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