How do i fix if my Computer not Working after Windows Update?

Fixing the problem of the Computer not working after the Windows update.

Window update exists to keep our windows in check and updated as the application and the prototype to build those applications keep enhancing. So, it's necessary to keep your window updated for it to work smoothly. But sometimes these updates work negatively on your computer and you end up losing your computer. If you are someone who is going head to head telling  everyone, “my computer not working after Windows Update.” Then, this page is your answer key. You will not have to ask anyone anymore. Try to perform the troubleshooting methods written below to fix the problem of your window not working.

Troubleshooting methods to fix your computer

Restart your system

Some problems which are detected after the Windows 10 update can be solved just by a simple restart of your computer. The restart will help the computer to collect itself and work efficiently back again.

Run the System File Checker/scannow command

It will most likely solve your problem as this process helps you in removing the corrupted files. The scan in itself will find the corrupted files on your desktop and will remove them for you. It is the most logical step to perform if your Windows 10 is not working.

Unnecessary issues

Some of the issues which come might not actually be an error or an issue you should be worried about. Like, some websites are inaccessible, and files are being opened by the wrong programs. These issues are less of a problem but more of a headache. Try to reset the program which is not working, or maybe change the file extensions.

Check your updated program

It is necessary to check whether or not you have used a proper source to update your Windows. Updating your windows from a bad source might actually result in crashing your computer and affecting it in the worst manner. So, check while updating whether it is authentic or not.

Test your hard drive 

Getting your physical hard drive harmed by a window update is something that you don’t see happening every time but you should run this test as if some software installation corrupted your hard drive. If it doesn’t work, then consider replacing your hard drive and reinstalling the Windows 10 update from scratch. 

If none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting ways help then consider taking your computer or desktop to the service center and getting it checked. As the issue might be something bigger and can only be solved by the computer technician. 

You should however first try to perform the troubleshooting methods to correct the problems in your computer. Since the moment Windows 10 updates became free, a lot of Windows users face the same issues like window crashing, asking for constant updates, Google drives not syncing properly, and all others. For that, you should always make sure of the source of updating your Windows 10 before updating. Because sometimes not checking brings the corrupted files which will ruin your desktop and always make sure to keep an antivirus program on your computers.  


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