How to change Gmail Signature

How to change signature in Gmail Step by Step Guide

Gmail is just like the messages sending and receiving mail service portal. One can deliver there required mails and information just by one click, your sharing thoughts and ideas are just one click away from delivering it to the other person on the same platform. This gmail service has been launched and provided by the most giant and prominent company which is Google.

An email signature tells you about the name of the sender, his contact information and his website address. This valuable information is set by the sender only once and then it can be automatically attached to all the messages you send to your family , friends or colleagues. However there are times when some users need an urge to change it. But as they are not aware of the right steps, then the following steps for change gmail signature, will be highly beneficial for them:-

How to change Gmail Signature

  1. First you are supposed to open your Gmail app
  2. After that tap on the 3 line icon which is located at the left of the mobile screen
  3. Now you are supposed to scroll till the bottom and then you have to choose Settings and then choose the account
  4. Now from the Settings screen, you need to turn mobile signature option ON
  5. when you tap on the Signature option, it will bring the pop-up window which will allow you to provide the new signature in the signature field
  6. Finally click on Save or OK
  7. If you are using Gmail on desktop, then you need to follow the steps below:-
  8. First sign into the Gmail account
  9. Now click on cog icon and then choose Settings from the context menu
  10. Now type the new signature in the box near the Signature option under the tab General
  11. Now continue scrolling till the bottom and then click on the option Save Changes

Now you can use any of the option discussed above to change the Gmail signature. However if you can’t figure out the right steps to change your Gmail signature, then all you can do is to get affordable support from the technicians by calling on their Gmail technical support number.  



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  • peru 2017-06-29 12:38:47 I can also suggest how to change gmail signature step :- Step 1: Firstly start your computer system. Step 2: Then launch the official search engine to make search the required data. Step 3: Just enter there, ‘’ and then press enter. Step 4: Now a gmail login page will open in front of your screen. Step 5: Enter there your gmail account username and password and then click on the login button. Step 6: In the gmail account home page, click on the gear icon which is present on the top right corner of the screen. Step 7: From there click on the ‘settings’ option. Step 8: Now from there within the settings option move to the ‘general’ tab and then move to the next step. Step 9: From there click on the ‘signature’ option. Step 10: Click on the ‘modify or change your signature’ and then move to next. Step 11: Now it will ask you to enter some different signature according to your choice. Step 12: Locate the file from where you want to change your signature. Step 13: Select it, and when done just click on the confirm button. Step 14: Finally choose the ‘save changes’ option.
    collia 2017-06-29 12:42:19 Thanks ysupport !!!  Hence now your signature has been changed successfully in your gmail account through this how to change gmail signature step by step guide. Now suppose if any one wants some more detailed information regarding the gmail account then they can contact to there official employee which has been hired by the gmail to resolve there common customers issues and hence give them a sign of relaxation.