How to uninstall HP Printer Driver in Windows 10

Printer is one of the most important innovation in the world. It has completely transformed our office spaces, personal homes and organization and how we do our work. It has substantially reduced the time taking of printing any documents. More so, it has provided an alternative to the printing making companies in the world. It not only do the printing but also does the scanning of the documents. There are plenty of printing making companies in the world which has gained a reputation of itself in the world. One such big name in the Printer making companies in the world is HP.

Hp is one of the top leading printer making companies in the world. It has built a name for itself over the course of time by providing quality product to its customer. It is known for making excellent quality of products in the due course of time. Each year it brings new kind of product which helps various kinds of customer for doing host range of application. It’s printer are known for excellent quality of hardware as well as versatile software and the reliability of their services. But sometimes user does face certain issue while working on how to uninstall hp printer driver in windows 10.

  • First of all, If the printer is connected through the USB cable then it’s better to disconnect the Hp printer from the cable
  • Again afterwards open your computer and then go to the windows 10 and click on the Programs and features
  • Now select from the list of the programs, select the Hp printer and further click on Uninstall and then on Yes
  • If the user account display message open it up then click on the yes.
  • Then follow the onscreen message in order to complete the software removal
  • If the software uninstallation is complete, then restart the computer.

After following these procedures, if the user faces any difficulties regarding of the hp printer then its better they can take the assistance from the Hp support team. They work 24*7/365 days to fix the issue without any need to provide much assistance to the customer. So, next time if you ever buy a printer then make sure that HP printer be your preferred choice.

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