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Wordpress is a medium to put the ideas and opinions and creativity of the person at a platform where he can share all of them with millions of people. They can make blogs, They can create web sites, They can develop an online portal for business or a portfolio. User can find hundreds of themes that can attract the other people and followers. there are many features that can add a look and feel to it.

Wordpress provides both paid and free services. The user must have an account with Wordpress first. Then if They want a free service then his web site name or blog name will be extended with wordpress.com. If the user is using paid service, then he/her can have domain name of his own like xyz.com. User have to choose the plan for the paid services depends upon the time duration and the bill to be paid yearly. With Wordpress user can edit , add and can do lot many things with the blog or website etc. They also can have followers and he can follow many others.

Wordpress Problems

  1. how to create wordpress account
  2. how to change or recover wordpress password
  3. How to create free sites or blogs on wordpress
  4. How to change wordpress theme

Solutions for How to create Wordpress Account

Now in order to create a wordpress account you have to follow the below written steps very carefully:-

  1. now here you first of all need to open the official site of the wordpress i.e wordpress.com

  2. after that you will see a get started page where it will ask you to enter your email address

  3. followed by choosing an user name for yourself and after that you have to opt for a valid password for yourself

  4. after entering these details you will be able to see a create an account option while you scroll down the page

  5. so you have to tap on this option, by doing so you will be forwarded to a page

  6. where you have to enter some more basic information related to the account  as well as yourself

  7. once you are done with the entering of the details, then you can simply save the changes and you are done with this account set up or you can also connect with wordpress support phone number .

  8. then you can easily login to your wordpress account to create the blog or the site for yourself in case you wish to do so.

In case you feel that the above mentioned steps d not help you then you are always free to contact the wordpress technical support in order to get the proper guidance from the professionals of the company and that too without wasting much time.

Wordpress Support Phone Number

Although wordpress is easy to use as it is user friendly but any time user may find and technical issues. To get the solutions immediately, user can directly call at the wordpress support number. Wordpress support number is all the time active and thus user can call at any time. The executives are online always. They are highly qualified professionals and thus they can provide immediate and effective solutions over the wordpress support phone number.


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    browni 2017-06-08 12:33:13 Yes Wordpress is basically a very important application that is meant for the users who have interest in writing and who wish to write their own blog or if they wish to create a site of their own.So it is basically one of the content management service that is totally free of cost and thus helping out the users to bring out their talent