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Complete guide to use Sbcglobal mail service

No matter how many milestones the world of internet can achieve. But all of us still use emails for all kind of formal communication. Whether they are attending any important meeting with client or keeping college applications on track, emails are the best possible method for meeting professional communication needs.

What is SBCglobal mail service?

For using email services there are a lot of online platforms and SBC global is one of those few famous mediums. SBC global is an online venture of the AT&T also known as southern bell corporation. They deal in cable TV, telecommunication and internet services. And if people want to use their email services then they can sign up on their website. Moreover apart from their online services, if they come across any doubt then they also have their own Sbcglobal phone number facility.

Issues in SBC global service

While using Sbc mail service, people might face issues in the account as well. SBC Mail not working is quite common and happens mostly because of the internet connectivity since it works online. But that’s totally normal because people can contact on Sbcglobal phone number and get it fixed!

Major issues occurring SBC Global mail

  • A lot of users often complain of not being able to send and receive emails through their SBC mail account .
  • Also mail does not work if there is no good internet connectivity.
  • Moreover, if block any user then they won’t be able to exchange messages with him
  • And also in case of insufficient space, Sbcglobal mail will not work
  • Emails not synced properly can also be a reason of mail account not working smoothly

Users also complain of not being able to download their email attachments because of unknown reasons.

How to create a SBC global account?

  • To create a Sbc account, first of all go to the link of and on the homepage, tap on the tools section
  • Now under the accounts section, choose email tab. Go on the upper section of Tool bar and open a new bar .
  • Now on the same bar, create a new display name followed by a new email id with Sbc initials in it.
  • Select POP3 as the account type followed by the incoming and outgoing email links.
  • Having finished, click on close button to shut the window
  • Now choose the outgoing and incoming email server port which also requires proper authentication
  • Coming to the next thing, choose an email id and password for us. Make sure that enter a password which can easily remember
  • And now in last, save all the change made and click on okay button. Having completed all the steps, tap on finish button .

And that’s how people can create own SBCglobal mail. For any kind of query, contact on Sbcglobal phone number.

How will people change the password of Sbc global account?

To escape forgetting the same password, always keep changing Sbcglobal password to protect it from getting hacked. And for any query, contact on Sbcglobal phone number.

  • If in case want to change SBCGlobal password then firstly log with your account using the username and password .
  • As the account homepage loads, head to the settings section and click change password option
  • Now for the privacy setting, enter current password to confirm its user and then click OK. Now in the other box, enter the new password .
  • Having filled all the passwords, cross check and save the changes.
  • And now users can log in with the new password!

Recovering the lost password of Sbcglobal account

A lot of users often end up forgetting their SBCGlobal passwords. And if forget password then they will not be able to send or receive mails. Hence it becomes quite necessary to reset the password to ensure all important mails are safe. Hence for recovering the lost password of Sbcglobal mail, they can follow the below given steps.

Steps to reset the lost password of Sbcglobal account

  • To recover the lost password, visit the account recovery link directly from the official website
  • Now moving on, enter username and last name.
  • Click next and open the next window
  • Tap and select password recovery option from the pop up menu
  • Move further and select answer security questions. Here will be asked few questions that required to be answer.
  • Having finished, Sbcglobal will try to verify lost account and if prompted yes then they can easily set a new password
  • Create a new password carefully that can remember and re-enter it to confirm.
  • Having finished, now save the change and close the window. And now it is done!
  • Hence that’s how can recover a lost password and log in with the new one.
  • Things to keep in mind while setting a new password
  • If select a new password while changing or resetting then make sure that create a strong password this time
  • To avoid forgetting the password, keep changing it from time to time
  • Also don’t share password with anyone and better note it down if a person think they might forget it
  • Involve both the letters and numbers and never repeat the same keywords.

And hence with the help of all above instructions, people can change and reset password accordingly. Or if while setting password, people get stuck somewhere or need any information, try contacting the Sbcglobal customer service.


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