Google Play Store not Showing Updates

What to do when Google Play Store not showing updates? Get solution

The work of Google play store on an Android device is most important. It helps to download and install a number of software and application without facing any trouble. If you are really looking for the ways to download and install the application and software but still you are not able to do it and getting and you need to update your Google play store. If it is not accepting updates you must have to try to change the settings where you can have the valid troubleshooting instructions when Google play store not showing updates and unable to proceed the task.

Get solution:

It is not a complex error and you are not alone to face this kind of the same problem even most of the users are complaining the same error and even getting a solution. You will also get a solution to remove the crashes that simply does not let you do the work fine and it does not show the update option simply.

Here are the ways to fix if Google Play Store not showing updates:

  • First of all, turn on your Android device and click on the Google play store app.
  • Go to the settings and history file to clear the cache and data in your Google Play Store that is not working fine.
  • Go to the Google play store service and clear the data and cache there that would provide amazing service.
  • Now you have to go to the settings and you can now hit the application management app.
  • Now select the Google play service app and move to the next process at the end of the task.

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