SQL Password Recovery

Here’s How You Can Recover the Password Of Your SQL Account

Forgot your SQL password? Or have been locked out of your SQL account due to multiple wring attempts? Well, in each scenario, you might be in the panic, and have been thinking about what to do now. However, recovering the SQL password is a bit tricky yet simple. Therefore, read further to know about the simple methods to recover your SQL password within no time.

Methods To Recover The Password Of SQL

In order to do the sql password recovery, you must ensure that the SSMS is installed into your system. Since, SSMS lets you to change different aspects of your SQL Server settings, it is important o have it installed into your Windows. However, if you don’t have it then, you can download & install it from the SSMS installation page on the internet. Once you have installed the SSMS file into your Windows system, then follow the methods mentioned below to recover your SQL password.

Via Using Windows Authentication

  • In your Windows PC, open the Start menu, and then enter “SQL server management studio” in the search bar
  • Select the program to launch it and then hit the "Authentication" drop-down box.
  • Click on the Windows Authentication from the menu and then select Connect.
  • Now, expand the server's folder, then the "Security" folder and then the "Logins" folder. 
  • Double click on SA from the "Logins" group of options, then you can enter a new password (twice) and then cick OK to save the changes.

Via Using Command Prompt

Follow the steps mentioned below for your sql password recovery via using Command Prompts commands.

  • Open the Start Menu, then look for Command Prompt, and then Run it as administrator via using the right-click. 
  • In the Command Promt window, enter osql -L and press Enter to run the command.
  • Now, enter the following command along with your server's name and press enter.
  1. OSQL -S server -E where you’ll need to replace the "server" by your server's name.
  2. Next, type EXEC sp_password NULL, ‘password’, ’sa' where in the "password" section, you’ll need to enter your new password and then press Enter.

Hereafter, enter GO, then press Enter, and then enter exit following pressing the Enter key to exit OSQL.Now you can make an attempt to log into your SQL Server. Just simply use your administrator credentials and the new password but if you are still unable to do your sql password recovery, then you’ll need to contact the tech-experts at Microsoft and get better assistance.

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