Spirit Airlines Change Date Policy

Have you booked a flight ticket on Spirit airlines recently or previously? But suddenly your plan has changed and you can’t fly to your selected traveling date? Then you can simply change your flight date as Spirit airlines allow the passengers to change flight date which is only possible if you know about the Spirit airlines change date policy and if not, then you can go through the below instructions:

  1. You are allowed to make any kind of modification in your booking within 24 hours after purchasing your ticket.
  2. Passengers can simply change their flight dates within 24 hours and up to 4 hours from the scheduled departure of Flight.
  3. Flight date change depends on the ticket type and there are some extra charges that are also applicable.

How much does it cost to change a flight on Spirit Airlines

If you want to change your Spirit airlines flight, then you must be required to pay some charges and it is important to know Spirit Airlines change flight fee before making any request for the flight change. You can follow the below instructions for that:

  1. Passengers need to pay $90 if the flight change process is made online.
  2. Passengers who change flight via phone or at the airport, then $100 will be applicable as a change fee.
  3. For the award flights, passengers need to pay $110.

If you are confused about how much does it cost to change flight dates on Spirit even after following the above-given instructions, then you can gain reliable information from the customer service team of Spirit Airlines.


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