How to change Gmail smtp setting

Changing the Setting of Gmail SMTP

SMTP is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which is used in sending and receiving of emails. It is not necessarily that a webmail service provider need to use the same SMTP for its functionality. The same can be changed but how to change Gmail SMTP setting is what the user worry about. Unlike any other webmail service provider, Gmail SMTP settings can also be changed as per the user convenience.

How to change Gmail SMTP setting can be answered and implemented only if the user follow certain steps and maintain protocol. The Gmail user first need to log into their Gmail account and then select “Settings” from the available drop down menu. Then in the ‘Accounts and Import’ page the user need to click ‘edit info’ which is available next to the email address that the user desires to send from the ‘Send mail as’ section. If the user haven’t yet added this email address then he or she needs to click ‘Add another email address you own’ and then enter the name and the email address that he or she desires to send from and also click ‘Treat as an alias’ and then select ‘Next Step’.

After successfully following the above mentioned steps, the user need to select ‘Send through SMTP servers’. The users are requested to kindly note that that ‘’ needed to be replaced by the user own email’s domain name and then change the SMTP Server setting to Thereafter the user need to enter the SMTP Username the SMTP Password in their respective fields. The user is left with an opportunity to select the Port 25 or 587 and then select ‘Secured connection using TLS’ and click Add Account. This will help the user to successfully change their default Gmail SMTP setting to their desired settings.

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  • brwoni 2017-07-20 12:53:31 How can i change Gmail SMTP server?
    patric edward 2017-07-20 12:56:41 Patric, Do you want to change the Gmail SMTP server settings with another email client? Then you can easily do it after applying the below steps: ·       First of all, login to your Gmail account. ·       Click on the Settings and then click on the Accounts and Imports section. ·       Click on the Add another email address you own. ·       Now enter your name and alternate email address into the given box. ·       Check the box Treat as an alias and then click on the Next Step tab. ·       Enter your Gmail SMTP server into the given box and enter your alternate email ID into the next field. ·       Click on the Add account and then complete the verification procedure. After applying the above mentioned steps, you can easily configure and change gmail smtp setting For any further information on how to change Gmail SMTP settings, you contact with the support team of Gmail.