Printer not Working on MAC

How to Fix My Printer is Not Working on A Mac Problem?

Mac users employ printing tasks in bulk to finish their work of getting the prints of your assignments. Like this, if you rely on a large scale for completing your printing jobs through Mac, you may have to face the issue of printers not working on Mac. This issue is a tiny one if you know the exact process to troubleshoot this error. You can easily troubleshoot this problem by making use of the following methods.

Ways To Fix Printers Not Working On Mac Issue

Following are the ways which you could employ to resolve printers not working on Mac problems.

Ensure Hardware Is Intact

Mac devices are connected to many peripheral devices to facilitate the working of a printer. It is vital for the working of printers especially if it is a wired model. But, printers sometimes do not work as the cables joining them are not in good condition. Here, you should immediately repair or replace them.

Delete and Add A Printer

Seldom the printers that are connected to Mac do not work properly or print very slow. To expedite this process, you need to take action and delete that printer from the system preferences of the apple menu. In printers & scanners option, click Add the printer to establish a new printer queue.

Update Printer Software On Mac

Updating the printer software is also a very crucial thing for all the Mac users. It will keep your printer updated by taking your OS to the most updated stage. You need to click on the Software Update option in the Apple Menu for this. If there is any update, it will show that on your screen and you can update it easily.

Examine The Printer

It will also be a very helpful activity if you check the printer that is connected with your Mac device. Things to check for resolving the printer not working on mac problem are discussed here. Check for any jammed paper, inspect for ink or toner, examine if the cables are connected or not and the printer is free from any foreign element.

Factory Reset The Printer To Fix Your Issue

This is a panacea to restore the working of your printer on a Mac device.

  • Turn off the printer connected to your Mac device and disconnect its power cable.
  • Do it for 30 to 60 seconds and then connect the cable again to its slot.
  • Now, press and hold the resume button for at least 10 seconds till yellow or attention light turns on.
  • Release that button and after a few minutes your printer will be restored to its default settings.

The above methods will help you to land at a solution of a printer not working. If you want to know more about printer not working on mac, then get in touch with the printer tech support to know more. You will obtain the additional details from them that will assist you in resolving the problem that is relevant to the printer not working method.


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