Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Are you willing to cancel your Air Canada flight reservations? Check the Air Canada Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your flight booking on Air Canada, then, you must know the Air Canada cancellation policy before making the flight cancellation. To make it easier for you, this page has brought you all the information about flight cancellation on Air Canada.

Check out some important points about Air Canada flight cancellation

    1- If a passenger needs to cancel the booked flight, then, only flights get canceled which are booked through Air Canada official website.
    2- On Air Canada, the flight cancellation can only be done if the passenger cancels the entire flight booking, the partial flight cancellation is not applicable.
    3- A passenger can cancel the flight booking only if a passenger cancels a flight booking before two hours to the flight departure.
    4- According to Air Canada cancellation policy, a passenger can cancel the flight booking in the same manner in which the flight booking was done.
    5- On the off chance, if a passenger requires to cancel the Aero plan Reward booking, then, the passenger would require to contact the Air Canada customer support team to cancel the flight.

Besides, if you are willing to know the refund policy of Air Canada in order to apply and get a full refund for your flight cancellation. Then you should not miss reading the below pointers.

Get all the points of Air Canada Refund Policy

    1- If anyone requires to cancel the flight booking on Air Canada after 24 hours of flight ticket purchase, in that case, the passenger might face the cancellation charges for changing the flight booking.
    2- In addition, if we follow the 24 hours Air Canada refund policy, then, the flight cancellation made under 24 hours of the flight ticket purchase will not require to pay any cancellation fee.
    3- And also, the passenger may get a full refund against flight cancellation within 24 hours
    4- In case of emergency, only two hours before the departure a flight ticket can be canceled.
    5- Besides, only the refundable flight tickets are eligible for requesting a refund non-refundable flight tickets would not be refunded.
    6- Above all, in case of partial use of flight ticket, a passenger can get a refund for the unused flight part.

With the above information about Air Canada cancellation policy, you would not face any trouble while canceling your flight on Air Canada. On the off chance, you see any issue while requesting a refund, you should contact the Air Canada customer service to get immediate help from the reservation center.

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