How do i fix if my Wave WIFI not working

Get to know about the troubleshooting techniques to fix wave WiFi.

You are watching your favorite shows or movies on your device, and suddenly the wave WiFi stops working. This problem can be disturbing, and you need to fix it quickly. You look for the fixes to figure out the incorrect internet connection. There can be an internet outage in your area for which the WiFi connectivity stops. Hence, you can read further to know about all the details related to wave WiFi not working.

The reason behind the wave WiFi not working:

To proceed with the fixes, you can have a look at all the things that may cause the internet not working. Therefore following are the points you can check to fix the issue.

  1. The problem can be in the device at which you are using the wave WiFi. Sometimes other apps may be working in the background that, stops the internet speed and low down the connectivity.
  2. Sometimes WiFi networks are slower than wired networks. The disruptions can be caused due to the walls, cupboards, other signals, etc.
  3. The wires that are connecting your modem to the WiFi or power jack can be loose. The faulty or loose wire may not be able to scatter the signal.
  4. Once you get access to wave WiFi, you decide to use your own equipment. In this case, the equipment is not compatible with the wave WiFi.
  5. At last, there can be a blackout in the power supply of the internet, which is the main cause behind the issue.

Troubleshooting methods to fix wave internet:

When you find the major reasons behind the issue, you can see some steps to get rid of the issue that is mentioned below:

Restart the modem:

You need to check whether your computer is slow in loading the things then problem in the internet connection. For this, you need to restart the device using the below simple points:

  1. Before proceeding, you need to make sure that your modem or router is correctly plugged in.
  2. You need to unplug the power cord from the modem or router to do the power cycle.
  3. Then, you need to check the connection between the modem and router.
  4. After 30 seconds, you need to plug all the wires and restart the modem.
  5. You need to see the power LED light to reconnect the internet.

Place the router in an open area:

You need to place the wave WiFi router in an open area for an adequate internet connection. With this router will be stuck in any other network frequency and deliver the correct internet connection.

Go through with the compatibility:

If you are using your own equipment, you need to check the compatibility of the wave WiFi with their customer service team. They will help you find out the list of modems compatible with the wave router.

Check the weather conditions:

Sometimes your area has a bad weather condition, for which you face a bad network connection. You need to wait for a few time to clear off the weather completely and start using internet connectivity.

Test the internet speed or coverage:

You need to check whether the internet speed you have purchased is correctly delivered to you or not. If you are receiving a slow internet speed, you need to connect with the wave customer service team.

To get through with the customer service team of wave WiFi and speak with the representative, you can find the multiple contact modes on their support handle. You can tell them about the wave WiFi not working and get the details to fix the issue. Customer support is available 24 hours for help and customer satisfaction.

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