Turkish Airlines Customer Service

Know about Turkish Airlines customer service also get relevant details for reservations related information?

Turkish Airlines is well-known for its outstanding flight services as well as providing the best customer service to the people who are willing to fly with them towards their destinations. They have a very dedicated team of customer care executives who offer all kinds of assistance required by the people. To gather more comprehensive details about Turkish Airlines customer service and other relevant flight reservation-related information, go through the data from below.

Know details about Turkish Airlines in brief?

Turkish Airlines is the national airline of Turkey and founded 87 years ago in the year 1933. Headquarter of Turkish Airlines is situated in Istanbul, and it is also a Star Alliance member since 2008. Its fleet sized includes 359 aircraft that serve towards 315 destinations all around the globe. They have also won several rewards as recognition for their outstanding services.

What different classes available on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines offers different classes for travel, among which passengers are free to choose any according to their comfort and convenience. These booking classes vary according to the ticket price that depends on the additional facilities and luxuries accessible to the passengers. Hence, all the booking classes available with Turkish Airlines are listed below.

  1. Business class
  2. Discount business
  3. Full economy
  4. Discount economy

How to get the flight deals on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines offers many flight deals and discounts from time to time towards various destinations. Turkish Airlines customer service phone number is one of the medium to know about the flight deals. However, the best ways of getting Turkish Airlines deals are as explained below:

Website deals

Passengers can get a deal on Turkish Airlines by visiting their website where a separate deals section is available with latest deals on the flight running towards several destinations.

Advance booking

Another way of grabbing a low flight deal of Turkish Airlines is by making a reservation with them in advance as earlier as possible anywhere up to 3-4 months prior to actual journey date.

Search engine deals

Flight deals on Turkish Airlines are also feasibly found by a passenger by looking  on one of the through best flight search engine.

Seasonal deals

Waiting for a seasonal airfare sales is another option to get a good deal for booking flights with Turkish Airlines

What are methods for Turkish Airlines Reservations?

Those who are looking forward to book a flight with Turkish Airlines must know that they have more than one option for it. Turkish airlines customer service phone number is the best medium for making flight reservation for those who are not comfortable with online booking plus do not live anywhere near to airport. Therefore, all the methods for booking flights with Turkish Airlines reservations are explained below:

Online booking

  1. Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines and look for flight booking tab.
  2. Further need to access Book A Trip section on the home page of airline.
  3. Next, need to select a trip type at first among the options available there.
  4. Then, enter origin and arrival destinations in the space assigned for it.
  5. After that, look for the suitable dates for travel on calendar and select it.
  6. Next, people can choose a preferred booking class for their travel among different options.
  7. Then press arrow button and all the available flights as per search will appear.
  8. Further people can choose a most fitting flight and proceed towards payment section.
  9. At last, make final payment via preferred mode to book light with Turkish Airlines.

Telephonic booking

  1. Make a phone call on Turkish Airlines reservations center for booking a flight.
  2. Then a booking officer will attend call to whom people need to share travel requirements.
  3. After that, the booking officer will suggest a few flight among which need to make final selection.
  4. Then share payment details with the officer for finally booking a flight over the phone call.

Airport booking

  1. Visit a nearest airport and go to the Turkish Airlines ticket booking counter.
  2. Then get information about all the flight operating toward desired destination.
  3. At last, make a final choice cook your flight ticket by paying through cash or card.

Learn the process to manage Turkish Airlines reservations?

Turkish Airlines permits the passengers to manage a reservation online up to a certain time limit before scheduled departure. Though people can contact Turkish Airlines customer service to know booked flight details later, but the service is accessible easily through website. Manage booking service of Turkish Airlines is very beneficial for the passengers as they can view booking details as well as make amendment if necessary. Therefore, to learn the process for manage reservations on Turkish Airlines follow the steps from below:

  1. Launch a browser and navigate to the website on it.
  2. Further on the home page of Turkish Airline look for Manage booking tab and open it.
  3. Next on the manage booking page provide your reservation code or ticket number .
  4. Then enter surname and press arrow button to retrieve all your bookings with them.
  5. After that, passengers can select the eligible flight to manage among the all bookings list.
  6. Then manage your booking according to need as well as eligibility.

At last, pay the access fee to manage reservation on Turkish Airline before saving it.

What is the baggage policy of Turkish Airlines?

The main concern of a passenger during air travel about the luggage, and luckily Turkish Airlines has a quite fair and flexible policy for it. When a person decides to travel with Turkish Airlines, they must get information about baggage policy in advance and it will become easier to decide what to carry and what not to carry. Therefore, to get details about the baggage policy of Turkish Airlines, kindly go through the information below:

Carry-on baggage

  1. Turkish Airlines permits economy class passenger to bring only 1 carry-on bag with maximum weight up to 8 kg.
  2. Business class travelers are allowed to bring 2 carry-on bags each of maximum weigh up to 8 kg.
  3. Carry-on baggage size allowed by the Turkish Airlines is up to 55 x 40 x 23 cm maximum.
  4. Musical instruments of maximum 75 kg weight and 140 x 42 x 25 cm size are allowed by Turkish Airlines on flight cabin.

Checked baggage

  1. Based on Turkish Airlines baggage policy for checked items economy class passengers can bring 1 bag with 15 kg weight on domestic flights.
  2. Business class passengers can bring 1 checked bag up to 30 kg weight and 158 cm on Turkish Airlines domestic flights.

On Turkish Airlines international flights economy class passengers can bring 1 checked bag of 20 kg, whereas the business class passengers are allowed to bring checked bag up to 30 kg weight.

Extra baggage

  1. According to the Turkish Airlines baggage policy the applicable fee for carrying extra luggage on the international flights start from 160 US dollar and goes up to 360 US dollars each.

Learn the ways for talking to Turkish Airlines live agents?

It is mentioned earlier that Turkish Airlines provides excellent customer service to all the new as well as existing travelers with them. They offer support to the customer via multiple channels through a dedicated team of customer care executives. Any person who has booked a journey on Turkish Airlines or who is planning to make a booking on a flight with them is free to contact the customer service team over the turkish airlines phone number for assistance. If passengers are want to speak to a live agent which is most preferable choice of customer then Turkish airlines customer service phone number and live chat portal are the best mediums. Therefore to learn the ways of communicating with Turkish Airlines live agent, gather right details from below:

Dial customer care number

  1. Customer service phone number of Turkish Airlines is a direct way of connecting to their live executives for any service related assistance.
  2. Phone number service of Turkish Airlines is toll-free and the phone line are open 24/7 to provide customer services.
  3. When dial the Turkish Airlines customer service number at first they get instructed by a computerized voice which lead directly towards a live person.
  4. Once passengers call is redirected to the Turkish Airlines live agent through the Turkish airlines phone number, they get the chance to directly speak with them and ask any flight service related query to them.

Online chat service

  1. Turkish Airlines provide customer service through a live chat portal where they can flexibly communicate with a live executive from their support center.
  2. Passengers can access the live chat panel to contact Turkish Airlines customer service center through the official website of airline.
  3. As soon as passengers open the chat box a live person from the customer service center of Turkish Airlines comes online and provide the required assistance .

Email service

  1. Turkish Airlines has also a dedicated customer service email ID through which they provide assistance to the customers.

So the complete details about the Turkish Airlines customer service phone number as well as the most relevant information required for booking flights with them is discussed above. Besides this all the customer are always suggested to contact the customer care center of Turkish Airlines whenever they look for additional support that is not available otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Turkish Airlines Customer Service


Question 1:


How do I get the refund from Turkish Airlines?

Passengers can make their refund request online via Turkish Airlines Manage Booking page. Here’s how.

Visit the official homepage, then navigate to the Manage Booking tab, then enter the following details as per your Turkish Airlines booking.

1- Ticket Number or Reservation Code (PNR)

2- Passenger Surname

Hit the Red icon to fetch the details for your Turkish Airlines booking, and then follow the onscreen instructions to make your refund request.

The refund on Turkish Airlines will be provided on the unused portions of the itinerary depending upon the time of cancellations made. However, if you wish to get refund with Miles for bookings issues through the airline’s reservation centre, then you can also dial on the turkish airlines customer service phone number and consult with the live person. Besides, you can also get info about the airline’s refund policy and guidelines.


Question 2:

Does Turkish Airlines require covid test?


As per the guidelines in accordance with the ones that are published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Turkish Airlines only allows passengers to travel in its flights that have undergone through the COVID test and have been tested negative. However, passengers with positive results will be taken to the medical facilities for further treatment.

In addition, Turkish Airlines also requires its passengers to take the Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR test to verify the occurrence of virus in the passenger’s body and how it is responding to the infection. Also, each passenger is required to wear mask at the airport and during their travel in the Turkish Airlines flights.

Moreover, if the passengers are arriving to Turkey, then they’ll have to complete the passenger information form when arriving to Turkey. For more info on travelling with the airline during the pandemic, feel free to dial on the turkish airlines phone number and talk to the turkish airlines live agents.




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