Set an Alert on Google

Explain the working of Google alerts and how can you set an alerts on Google?

Before going on the working of Google Alerts, the users should be well aware of what Google alerts are. If we explain in a simple language, Google alerts are those free notifications that are sent by Google to the subscribers to summarize the search activity around search items. If we see, this is pretty cool. It turns out to be the time-saver as you get an email whenever the specified query shows up on the web.
Coming on the topic of its working, Google alerts have been of help for all the users that can set notifications to come on a daily basis, weekly or monthly.
Google alert is a notification service that is offered by the search engine Google that sends emails to the users’ every time it finds new results like web pages, blogs any scientific research, etc. This can be done if the user set an alert on Google.

How can you set the alerts?

Setting the alerts in Google is no difficult task. Let us have a look at its working:

  • The first step is to go to the and ensure that you are logged in with the Google account that needs to be used.
  • You can now go forward with choosing the keywords and try to make it unique.
  • In the next step, you have to select the frequency. You can make a choice between real-time or when I have time?” in case you want to receive the notifications in real-time, you have to select “as it happens.”
  • In the next step, you have to choose your sources. Social media is not covered by Google alerts but you can choose if you have to track the videos, blogs, news, or even books.
  • Then, the user has to select the language. In case you want to choose only one specific language. Then, you can make your choice.
  • The next step demands to choose the region. It can be valuable if the brand is present only in some countries, or if you are deciding to expand into a new market.
  • You can choose between the best and everything. You have to choose if you want to mention only the keywords or you want Google to choose the important ones.
  • Next, you have to fill in the email address on which you want to deliver. This should be the one that you are logged into
  • The last step is to hit on Create Alert and you are live.

This is the procedure that a user can follow to set an alert on Google. You can also call the toll-free number to get free assistance from the experts who are dedicated to giving free bits of advice to the clients. They will also be providing you with reminders and follow-ups.

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