How to upgrade international flights on Delta Airlines

Steps to upgrade international flights on Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is an airline of United States. The airline serves 325 destinations and has a fleet size of 918. Delta Airlines offers different type of upgrades to its passengers. However not all upgrades are available for international flights.

Passengers can upgrade their seat on international flights using these different ways.

1. Purchasing an upgrade

Passengers can also upgrade their seat by paying an upgrade fee. Purchase of an upgrade can be made anytime till 3 hours before departure time. To purchase an upgrade follow these steps:

2. Upgrade through miles

Passengers can upgrade their existing reservation by using their miles. However international upgrades are only limited to Y, B, M, H, Q, or K fare classes.

3. Global upgrade certificates

Delta Diamond Medallion Elite members can use this certificate to get an upgrade on international flights for Delta and partner airlines..

Delta Airlines seat upgrade cost

If you don’t know how to upgrade international flights on Delta Airlines then you can follow the below mentioned steps:

    • Go to Delta Airlines website.
    • Click on ‘My Trip’ option.
    • Now enter your confirmation number, first name and last name.
    • Your reservation details will open.
    • There you will find the option to upgrade your seat.
    • Click on upgrade option.
    • Now you can choose the way to upgrade your seat, either by paying a Delta Airlines seat upgrade cost or by using your miles or by your Diamond Medallion Elite member status.
    • Pay the upgrade fee if applicable.
    • Your seat will be upgraded.

In case you don’t want to upgrade your seat online then you can also contact the reservation center and ask them for an upgrade.

Eats can also be upgraded at the check-in counter and ticket office at the airport. But it depends upon the availability. In case you have any questions about upgrade on international flight on Delta airline like what is Delta Airlines seat upgrade cost or you need any technical assistance then you can contact the customer care center of the airlines.

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