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Google Drive is a cloud computing storage application which enables the users to store the data, pictures and considerably more. The features of the same are excellent and the best part is, usage is free for 15GB and hereafter, users can purchase the subscription plan. So, if you are a fresher and need to access Google Drive, then collect the relevant details needed for you and the same is listed beneath.

How to use Google Drive

First and foremost, users should login with Google account and through this account, they can access the features of Google Drive.

  1. Open a browser and go to the official website of Google Drive by clicking on the link
  2. Home Page will appear
  3. click on ‘Go to Google Drive
  4. Login page will appear
  5. Enter email address and password

However, if you don’t have an account, then click on the link ‘Create account’. Soon, you will find the form and your task is to fill the same with the basic details such as Name, Country, Email address, Date of Birth and Phone Number. After providing the details, click on ‘Next’ button to complete the task.

After signing-in, get ready to access Google Drive. Create File using Drive

  1. Google Drive proffers Docs, Sheets etc and with their use, you can create a file and for the same, click on ‘New’ button and then select the document type.
  2. After selecting the same, give the name to the document and then create a document.
  3. Google Drive autosave feature is outstanding, so you don’t need to save the files, Drive will do the same.

How to Uploading Files in Google Drive

  1. You can upload any files from your desktop to Google Drive and for the same, click on ‘New’ button and select ‘File Upload’.
  2. Now, browse the file which you want to upload from the Desktop and then click on ‘Open’ button. If you have multiple files, then click on Ctrl button to select the multiple files.

After doing the above process, Google Drive will take some time to upload and when it is finished, you will receive a confirmation. However, if the files failed to upload, then contact Google Drive customer service or connect with Google drive support number for the assistance.

How to share Google Drive

If you need to share files the make sure the particular file is uploaded to Drive.

  1. Select the file and click on share icon.
  2. Thereafter, a pop-up window will appear, in the field of Add People, enter the name of the concerned person to whom you want to share the file and then click on ‘Done’.
  3. Now choose the visibility option, and select an appropriate option. If you want it public, then select ‘Public on the web’ or else ‘Private’.
  4. You may also give a control over the file to the recipient. In short, they can make changes or else can read the file.

That its now share the files and enjoy the features of Google Drive.

What to do if stuck in Google Drive

If you face any kind of issues on Google Drive, then do not freak out; just dial on Google Drive Customer Service Phone Number. Through this number, you can get resolved any kind of issues. The techies work around the clock, so you can seek their assistance anytime.

Why choose Google Drive Customer Service Phone Number or Google Drive Support Number

There are much more benefits which you can get from the team. Hence, stay tuned with them and enjoys the salient features of the Google Drive without any interruption through chat or Google drive support number.

  1. The geeks are the certified one and have in-hand experience in resolving various issues.
  2. The techies utilize advanced and improved technology to fix the issues.
  3. The team of geeks has in-depth knowledge of the Google Drive and they know the best way to resolve the issue.

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